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Crash Time 2

Crash Time 2

Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Crash Time 2

Again there is a new game in the Alarm for Cobra 11 racing game series and also this time Synetic is responsible for the development.
As they already did in the former games they improved the graphics a lot to present the fans of the TV series an even better feeling to be directly inside and have a much better and more realistic enviroment.

This time the new game named Crash Time 2, the sixth part of the AfC11 franchise offers more freedom for the player and give a better feeling to be an Autobahn-Policeman.
For the first time in AfC11 there is a real free ride mode without using any cheat. Combined with that there are missions and mini-tasks, the player can choose directly in the virtual world without accessing special menus.
The complete gameflow has been optimized and improved.

A big focus also got the development of requests from the fans and the community around Synetic and AfC11. That doesn't mean everything can be done because it's again a mid-price game, but the programmers, located in Gütersloh (germany) tried to do what is possible to offer a great gaming experience.

Additionally to all this there is also more focus to be as near as possible on the TV series. Critics from the previous games were taken to present the fans a better game they can enjoy even more.
Beside the well known mission type of cases there are small mini-games and tasks which makes the live of an Autobahn-Policeman so dangerous and exciting.

  • Series-typical criminal cases
  • Mini-games and tasks
  • Gameplay with great action by interactive enviroments
  • Splitscreen Mode to race against others using one PC
  • Two huge, complex Landscapes (Autobahn and City)
  • Improved opponent-AI for automatic search of waypoints irrespective from the track layout
  • NextGen graphic for low performance PCs (like Crash Time) and a much better version for high performance PCs (real NextGen - for fast PCs)

  • PC Action (01/09) 79%
  • GameStar (01/09) 73%
  • GamePro (01/09) 74%
  • www.spieletipps.de 75%
  • GamesAktuell 67%
  • www.GBase.ch 7.5
  • www.gamona.de 74%
  • www.spieletester.com 72%
  • www.cnet.de "good"

No Cheats available!

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