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Crash Time 3

Crash Time 3

Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Crash Time 3

On November 19th 2009 another new Alarm for Cobra 11 game was released for PC and Xbox 360, which offers the fans of the successfull RTL series again to be a cop like Ben and Semir.

The latest part of the series is called Crash Time III. As we know from Synetic you can expect improved graphics, new enviroment, brand new missions and much more.

Beside the versions for PC and Xbox 360 there was also for the first time a game for Nintendo DS planned, but this would have not been developed by Synetic and was never released.

  • Tense storyline with more than 50 missions and many different challenges expect the player
  • Criminals resist arrest with good driving skills and other tricks
  • 32 km² of operational area with more than 200 km long road networks (City and Autobahn), which is available by day as well as night
  • More than 30 vehicles: beginning with police cars to airport fire wagons up to three wheeler
  • All new flexible types of missions
  • Storymode creates a tight and exciting atmosphere even for gamers who don't know the series
  • Dynamic way-detection of vehicles create more variations and more reason to play the game again
  • Series-typical feeling with high speed chases and explosive crashes
  • Realistic traffic system
  • Next-Generation-Look
  • Atmospheric sounds (also the enviroment)

  • www.pcaction.de 78 of 100
  • www.GBase.ch 8.0 of 10 - read it
  • www.gamestar.de 75 of 100 - read it
  • www.pcgames.de 71 of 100 - read it
  • www.krawall.de 65 of 100 - read it
  • www.xboxfront.de 70 of 100 - read it

In frontend-Menu possible as well as in the game directly (Profile has to be loaded)
  • fullgarage - All cars unlocked
  • wantstreets - All tracks unlocked

If you are in track-selection of vehicle-selection the displayed information will not be refreshed automatically, you have to quit the selection and load it again. The Kickertexts in the main menu will not be updated, too.

If the engine is running (also if the frontend-menu is opened and the engine is running in background)
  • adac - The player car (in splitscreen all) will be repaired; not possible if the replay is running
  • useshell - The player car is invulnerable
  • eatlead - Doubled range (physical shooting distance and auto aiming), increased shooting-frequence and automatic, less distortion while shooting
  • needspeed - Endless nitro
  • goaway - All traffic-vehicles explode
  • wannago - No automatic respawn when you left the track
  • johnwayne - Offers endless shooting in all game types (except splitscreen!). The target cross disapperas automatically after 10 seconds after the last shoot. Then you must press the fire-button again to reactivate fire-mode. When a shooting-mission it active the windows stays open even when the target is in sight as known.

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