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A coupé for Toyota fans

Mar. 10, 2008 at 9:39 AM
PreviewCoupés fit always perfect into a racing game. Such a car has been added to the numerous list of addon cars for World Racing 2 now.

A Toyota MR2 has been released by Pedro Boticas yesterday evening already.
This car is still called as a beta version because of lack of time and requested help to improve the engine sound. Also the dash will be finished later. So its called beta and final at once.

This all is no reason to skip the car, its absolutely worth a download. The way to get it goes by the link below the news as usual.

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Coole Sache!

Das Auto gefällt mir gut, auf sowas hab ich gewartet!

Mal sehen ob da noch nen Update mit Dash kommt, aber auch so schon geil!
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Nicht übel für ne "Beta". Können sich manche "Alphas" ne Scheibe von abschneiden.
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