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Jun. 01, 2008 at 7:47 AM
PreviewNot only in our forum or over other websites we get new addons, many fans sends continuously addons directly to the games.reveur.de team to let us add their latest creations to the downloads.
If an addon has a standard of quality we are willing to upload those addons.

This happened with the next two addons, too.

Already known for some really good backgrounds there is another new background available from vwgolf. With the Scirocco GT24 he created a background every fan of the new VW Coupé will be happy about.

Completely different is the next background by Philipp.
He also released already two backgrounds for World Racing 2 and sent us the Mythbusters vinyl now. Inspired by the american series with the same name every fan of WR2 can have his or her maybe most loved TV series in World Racing 2.

On yesterdays afternoon sent already another package of vinyls from Pischtis vinyl-creations is now available here at games.reveur.de.
The package contains two vinyls. The first is named "Disco" and a very special selection of colors. The second is more an abstract creation which looks really nice and is beside it's cool look also funny, which is also part of its name "Smile".

You can tell us what you think about the vinyls with the comments function or in our forum.
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Das ist ja wie Weihnachten und Geburtstag an einem Tag! Mein Lieblingswagen und meine Lieblingsserie in WR2. Besser gehts ja kaum! Danke vwgolf und philipp!

Ja Pischti, ist auch ein schönes Vinyl. Ich hab nur ein Problem. Weiß jemand wieviel 42+62 ergibt? Wie viele Versuche hat man eigentlich? *RofL*
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