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Revolution of World Racing 2

PreviewTravel Trailer?
BigBoy, known for his good ideas, seems to revolutionise the World Racing 2 scene.
Until today all modder thought it's not possible to place a moving trailer behind a car in World Racing 2 but, BigBoy teaches us different: Driving with a trailer is possible!

Read and discuss about the details in the thread in our forum.
You can also use the comments function to tell your opinion about this mod as usual.

The way to the download goes over the button below:

Over the last days a lot of exciting vinyls were released for World Racing 2.
Two new creations are available from Pischti. The first one is a Gumball vinyl for the Volkswagen Nardo and the second a collection of different color-creations for the Mercede SLK 55 AMG.

Get the Gumball vinyl here:

and the SLK vinyl with the following link:

Further informations to the vinyls are available in our forum.

Police and illegal races
But this isn't all you can expect as new vinyls. No, citroen_2cv6 also made some vinyls for you: First of all there is a Police pack. Beside a police look for the Skoda Octavia there is also a version for the Skoda Fabia included. Both vinyls present the czech police in WR2.

As wouldn't that be enough, citroen_2cv6 has a package with 3 more vinyls. All three are for the Alfa Romeo 8C and one of them is another type of Gumball interpretation, more in a classic look.

Also for those vinyls you can tell us what you think or make suggestions in the related thread or use the comments function.

What, you think it's over?
You are wrong!

The other 722
We got again an E-Mail from adamraga. He sends us vinyls without any WIP pictures or other statements, just a final release for the fans. His high quality creations are often inspired by car magazines or tuning companies to give the fans of World Racing 2 the impression to be able to race a classic or a famous sportscar on the virtual tracks.
The current release is based on tha Mercedes SLR 722 Edition and uses the originally in World Racing 2 available Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG to change its look into the look of the 722 Edition.
Mehr Rennspiel News gibt es im News-Archiv. Dort findest Du alle Neuigkeiten zu Rennspielen.
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Juhu, jetzt hab ich meinen Nickname auf einem Vinyl Cheeky

Außerdem freuen mich vorallem die Gumball-Vinyls und das neue Anhängerfeature.

Super Arbeit !

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@BibBoy: Ey geil, wie hast´n das gemacht? Wenn ich wüsste wie man das macht, könnte ich endlich mal den Anhänger an meinen aus nfsmw convertierten Sattelschlepper 'hängen'!

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'Tschuldigung, ich meinte natürlich 'BigBoy' und nicht 'BibBoy'! Big Smile
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