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Vinyls and traffoc-addons

Jun. 10, 2008 at 10:11 AM
PreviewSome new addons, which were not mentioned in the news yet, were released yesterday.

CLK GTR with Gumball Style
They are really rare, the cars from the notorious Gumball event. But this was citroen_2cv6's idea creating an addon for World Racing 2 which is a participant and sometimes seen in the traffic of the game. He used the original Synetic Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR and gave it a Gumball vinyl.
With this addon you will be able to see from time to time the Gumball racer in the traffic.

Flensburg - not just a city
All friends of beer from Flensburg will be happy about the new stuff from Pischti.
He designed a vinyl for the Mercedes-Benz ML with the look of the original Flensburger layout.
Beside this authentic vinyl there is also some fantasy stuff. A vinyl, which is not really to be explained, for the Alfa Romeo 156.
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halli hallo! sehr coole idee mit dem Gumball style aufm CLK GTR! wäre doch ne idee für alle autos die rausgegeben werden.. eine gumball version zu machen.. ! hätte bestimmt style beim online gamen auffer autobahn =)
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Please Upload all Cars and Scenarios from this Site

greetz ... Verify
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WOW wo hast du dieses bild gemacht (Szenario)????????????????
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@ Verify: No one will upload this cars on this site, cause 95% of the cars and 100% of the sceneries are converted to wr2 without permission.With other words:THEY ARE STOLEN FROM THE ORIGINAL AUTHORS !!!

And the owner and members of games.reveur do not support stolen works, and this ist the best, they can do
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danke das scenrio ist Nstadt Twinkle für alle autos ä das wäre n morz arbeit
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