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Jun. 15, 2008 at 10:48 AM
PreviewSome time ago menu background were the most favorite thing to mod for many fans. Since some weeks this changed and now the vinyls are on top of the modding list.

This doesn't mean it's not good, far from it! With this modding the fans of World Racing 2 getting more and more different styles for the cars and the variety is increased a lot.

Really noble...
... is the latest project from adamraga.
Well known for high quality and special vinyls he created something really nice this time.
As like with his other creations, based on real existing carpaintings this new release is also based on a real design.
The so called "Sha Do" vinyl is inspired by a creation of Sha_Do (French) for the Toyota Celica from Art Factory (Japanese).
On the following links you can see how the car looks in real and compare those pictures with the work from adamraga, which will make clear it's absolutely worth a download.
Images of Toyota Celica
Art Factory website
Sha_Do's website (french)
Don't miss this nice vinyl for the Alfa Romeo 8C and follow the link to the download. You can also tell us your opinion as usual!

Tennessee Whiskey
Oriented in a completely different style is the vinyl from Audi Master.
He said it was a simple job but, compared to other vinyls, which are also simple, this vinyl has something, the others don't have.
Simplicity and a good look.
With such words you can descibe the vinyl for the Golf 1 Twin Jet. It's also interesting to say, this vinyl looks really cool also without the Reflecting Vinyls mod.
The Golf still drives with petrol, but the powerful engine under the hood get's symbolised with the 40% very well.
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Deine Beschreibung ist ja echt mal geil.


Zwar fährt der Golf weiterhin mit Benzin, aber der scharfe Motor unter der Haube wird auch durch die 40% symbolisiert."

Echt super geschrieben.
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