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Jul. 01, 2008 at 10:04 AM
PreviewIt's done!
Long time people only discussed it and presented videos but an addon was never released.
I'm talking about a motobike in World Racing 2.

This is not a motobike at all because it's more a scooter, which has been released by BigBoy.

He released his converted scooter with typical body roll and driving behavior as a scooter should have.
The addon is still beta because there are minor problems with the EditCar left. BigBoy officially asked for help solving this problem.
That means who would like to help changing the settings in the correct way in the EditCar and just give a proper hint how to fix the frequently jumping of the scooter is welcome here or in our forum to tell the solution.
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Echt cool! Hoffentlich kommen auch mal solche wie Kawasaki ...
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Echt genial, Biggy, du bist echt der Che in WR2 Big Smile
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lol BigBoy. you cheated!

When I tried I put the wheels in the center.
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Hi ich find ihn geil, nur die qualität den moppets ist leider schlecht aber sonst gut
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ist dir gut gelungen eine enduro maschiene muss sicher hammer sein mit der an dann in australien rum saust
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Hi, ich finde die Idee auch gut...aber wenn man das Ding dann in WR2 fährt ist das schlecht umgesetzt (ka ob das besser geht), denn es ist eigentlich ein Auto, mir nur einem Motorrad-Scenerie...
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