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Big offer

PreviewAgain there's a whole lot of new AddOns, which shows that the moddingscene around World Racing 2 doesn't stand still.

Steinmetz Alloy
Starting with a new rim from Stew2000, there's again something new, on which the cars can roll.
The Steinmetz ST3 alloy is definately not to disparage and should be worth a download for every fan of optical tuning of cars.

NOS also as advertising
World Racing 2 offers the possibility to use the so called Nitro to provide the car with more power.
In order that this also can be shown in the game optical, that you use Nitro, there's a NOS vinyl from wiigamer95 for the Skoda Octavia.

The Ärzte...
... can be also in the game besides their music through a background.
With this background, hukaju makes his debut in the modding scene and also delivers at the beginning a really high quality AddOn.
So all fans of the German Rockband, been attentive and go for the Download.

VW in the background
Also known through high quality backgrounds is the community member vwgolf. He delivers another background, which deals with the VW Touareg and different motifs for the most different menues.

Also Pischti has released another AddOn. Same for two different cars, there are vinyls, which change the standard look of the sulky paintjob.
The both cars are for one thing the Rinspeed Bedouin and for the other thing the AC Cobra.

Scenery Editor Update
Besides all those new AddOns, there's also an update for the Scenery Editor from Alma.
After he got a lot of feedback, he could cut out the mistakes and has implemented new features. This editor should be way better for the creation of sceneries for World Racing 2, and should be way easier to handle.
Mehr Rennspiel News gibt es im News-Archiv. Dort findest Du alle Neuigkeiten zu Rennspielen.
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Mhh, great rims stew. Looks perfect on the Focus. Big Smile
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Ich begeistere mich jedesmal an Pischtis Vinyls. Findes es einfach toll, was er da immer aus dem Hut zaubert
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