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Swedish power and a workaholic

Jul. 11, 2008 at 10:37 AM
PreviewAt the end of the working days this week there is a news, which is only about addon vehicles.
There are two new releases from the community added to the database.

Powerful Swede
Fans of Mercedes-Benz World Racing still might know this car, but it's available for WR2 in a good converted version from now on, too.
I am talking about a Volvo T5 Sedan.
The model comes originally from Remy and is converted to World Racing 2 by MCC-HOF. It's definately not what is converted all the time, a supersports-car.
Nevertheless this solid car from Sweden is powered with one of its most powerful engines, a 2.3 liter aggregate with 225 bhp that reaches the 100 km/h in ~7.8 seconds.
Also its torque isn't bad with 300 newtonmeter and makes this not sporty looking car to one of the faster ones and gives for sure a lot of fun having some races on the tracks.

In opposite to the Volvo the second release is absolutely nothing for races. But this doesn't mean it makes no fun because many fans of WR2 always searching for such different vehicles.
The Unimog 411, built in 1956, is a real workaholic. All-purpose and trailworthy this addon fit's perfectly to explore the World Racing 2 scenarios also off-road.
But you should not forget, this car isn't made for high-speed records or acceleration competitions. The Unimog isn't a muscleman but more designed to be able to do different types of work in a good way.
The addon is modelled by BigBoy and after that converted to WR2 ba him.
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why this car don't have interior ? ;( ;(

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