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Jul. 30, 2008 at 2:12 PM
PreviewIn the last days there was much new stuff for World Racing 2, which we of course won't withheld for you.

For one thing, there's a vinylpack for the Volvo and MAN-Truck, which was created by Wafa 3. It includes several new haulage firm vinyls, but also other things find their eligibility.

For another thing, there are 4 new backgrounds available.

The Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series background convinces through the voluminous appearance of the car, while with the Techart GT Street RS background pure elegance stands in the foreground. The third one in the league is the 2007 Audi TT, which blooms in a beautiful blue and gives World Racing 2 a friendly light.
The quartet is rounded off with the Volkswagen Bully T1, ageless elegance and cult status are bound to occur.

You can find those new vinyls in our download section.

Up next are also 2 new cars to gaze.

The Mitsubishi FTO GP Version R from TomWin steps on the World Racing 2 land with 200hp with a deadweight of only 1150kg. The FTO stands for Fresh Touring Origination and the car was "Car of the Year" from 1994 to 1995 in Japan.

An american classic is the second download in this news.
The Dodge Charger Super Bee from Kodiak982 delivers 390hp and 664nm of torque out of a 6.9 liter engine and is a truly cruiser, but also racer for all fans of american cars from the earlier years of construction.

This news gets completed with the new PTX Tool from Krom, with which it is possible to convert textures to the from World Racing 2 uses *.ptx format.
The following formats are supported: *.tga | *.bmp | *.dds
But the biggest innovation is that from now on also textures from Test Drive Unlimited can be converted to *.ptx .

Your opinions and suggestions can be posted as always over the commentfunction and you are welcome to the forum.
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Öh, Ich wuste garnicht das Backgrounds zu Vinylen zählen Twinkle Ansonsten: Cool Car Tom, typical Japanese Sportscar Big Smile
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verdammt... mein Fehler...

Wird sofort Korrigiert, danke für den Hinweis Twinkle
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