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Rims and Vinyls

Oct. 11, 2008 at 2:44 PM
NewsThe one or other has already seen the new releases from today. This saturday offers also some new addons, which have been added to our database.
PreviewDetailled Rim
For the Golf 1 GTI as Pirelli Edition was the official Pirelli rim released by Joern yesterday. Because Joern is not experienced in 3D modelling his release was only a Texture-work. The rim-master Stew2000 released the same rim, the Pirelli MKI, as a perfect 3D work today.
Of course this rim has a higher quality. This doesn't mean Joern's work isn't good but, the 3D version will make all fans of detailled cars and rims more happy. It's in a quality, which fit's todays standards very good.

Frikadelli Vinyl
Our vinyl-specialist adamraga also has a new look for World Racing 2. That means he created the Frikadelli Racing Vinyl based on the original Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (997) driven by Sabine Schmitz. This car is the so called "Ring Taxi" for the famous german track "Nürburgring".
The vinyl adam created is for the WR2 Alfa Romeo GT Tempesta.

Sony Ericsson Vinyl
Since some days ABP also started to create vinyls for WR2. His first release is the Sony Ericsson Vinyl.
It's plain but, as already mentioned, ABP's first work. This addon is also available here at games.reveur.de and ready for download.
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Komisch, kann mir jemand sagen, wieso die Felge riesemgroß ist?
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Because Synetic cocked up the specs and made them 18" not 14".

If you have Editcar and knowledge of WR2 modding then it's fairly simple to fix.
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