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New feature: Upload addons and modifications by yourself

Feb. 16, 2015 at 2:30 PM
NewsNo matter if a racing game is brand new or a real classic, addons and modifications let games live much longer. To offer a simplier way of submitting addons to games.reveur.de a new feature has been launched that will help a lot to publish new downloads quick and easy.
About two weeks ago the question for a feature that gives modders the possibility to submit their addons or modifications for racing games directly to games.reveur.de appeared in our forum. This feature is ready for use now.

The aim of that new function is, to simplify the submission of modifications and addons for both, modders and the website administrator. That means less time to wait until an addon gets available in the database. But, to get that working properly the people who submits their work should check thoughtfull what they submit. Mistakes may cause delays.

However, the new option to submit files directly should offer benefits for modders and me as website owner, the person who is responsible to upload addons until today.

To submit your work you only have to go to the site Submit Download. First select the racing game you would like to upload a modification or an addon. Second select the type of file you submit. And third enter all neccessary fields like archive, name of the mod and original author. Some additional but not mandatory fields are available based on the addon-type. After verifying your inputs click the "Submit" button and the upload gets started.

If you entered all fields correctly (mandatory fields are marked with *) and the upload was processed successfully you will be directed to a page that shows the link of your upload, which will work after approval.

As you read an upload isn't available immediately. To prevent mistakes of wrong uploads all data have to be approved first. If nothing is wrong the approval will made quickly and your download will be available for all visitors of games.reveur.de as well as with the link you have seen after successfull submission.

In any case of errors or suggestions write a comment here. If that feature will be abused it will be deactivated.
Well, I guess it's in anybodys interest to submit only addons or modifications that follows the modding rules and are worth to be made available for everyone.

Submit Modification/Addon

Modding-Rules English

At the end a hint to the question about the possiblity to edit uploaded addons I'd like to say that this is also work in progress and will be available as soon as possible.
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