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Different new addons for any taste

Oct. 10, 2008 at 1:05 PM
NewsThere is a big collection of new addons for World Racing 2 available today. It contains vinyls, menu-background and new rims.
PreviewCitroen-Concept Background
We start with the new menu-background from Basti93. This mod is about the Rally-Concept from the french car-brand Citroen. You can decorate your WR2 menu-backgrounds with different motives and views of the car.

Pirelli Rim
Beside the backgrounds there is a new rim from Joern. It's his first rim. This is a replication of the original Pirelli rim from 1983 for the Golf 1 GTI Pirelli Edition. Additional to the extras like Multifunction-Steeringwheel, Shift- and Consumption-Display, Four-Spoke Sport-Steeringwheel, Fog Lights in the front guard, painted bumpers and mirror-cases those wheels with the Pirelli-P were optional.

4-Door Vinyl as street version
Another addon from Joern brings us the 4-door vinyl for the Golf 1 as street version. That means you can select the color you like and have a Golf 1 with 4 doors not like the GTI version of this vinyl, which is always white.

More addons
But this amount of new addons is not all. There is still a collection of Golf 1 waiting to be uploaded. This is a selection of different Golf 1 models from the series, which is still built in brasil.
The download will be available soon here at games.reveur.de
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