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Wreckfest: Juni Update + Changelog + Gameplay Video - Hotfix

Jul. 01, 2015 at 7:45 PM
NewsViele Monate mussten Besitzer der Early Access Version von Wreckfest warten, doch nun hat Bugbear ein Update veröffentlicht. Mit einem Gameplay Video könnt ihr die neue Version in Bewegung sehen und das Changelog gibt Aufschluss über die umfangreiche Liste an Veränderungen und Verbesserungen.
Update: Ein erster Hotfix ist verfügbar.
Update 01.07.2015, 19:45 Uhr:

Bugbear hat bereits einen ersten Hotfix veröffentlicht, der verschiedene Probleme des gestern zum Download bereitgestellten Build behebt. Der Hotfix ist 18 Megabyte groß und wird automatisch über Steam heruntergeladen.

Hotfix 01.07.2015 Changelog
  • Fixed a bug with prediction causing massive lag with remote cars in multiplayer.
  • Fixed cars not being located to their start grid positions in multiplayer.
  • Fixed cars sometimes flying to space and through ground.
  • Fixed rendering being shattered after alt+tab in DX9.
  • Fixed leaderboards crashing beyond 50 entries.
  • Fixed menus receiving mouse input with Steam overlay active.
  • Fixed slow spherical camera rotation with mouse when a wheel is active.
  • Set wheel default speed sensitivity to zero.
  • Added camera shake intensity slider.

Originaler Artikel

Gestern, am letzten Juni-Tag, hat Bugbear Entertainment nach langem Warten ein neues Build von Wreckfest veröffentlicht. Für Besitzer der Early Access Version eigentlich ein Grund zur Freude, doch die aktuelle Version ist noch ziemlich fehlerhaft.

Dennoch, schaut man einmal unter die sprichwörtliche Haube wird deutlich, was Bugbear alles in den vergangenen Monaten getan hat. Und auch wenn noch reichlich Arbeit erkennbar ist, bis Wreckfest ein vollwertiges Rennspiel ist, die Entwicklung schreitet voran.

Ein Gameplay Video mit einem der beiden neuen Fahrzeuge, dem European Coupé 2, ein optisch etwas modifizierter Ford Escort Mk1, habe ich aufgenommen um zu kurz zu zeigen, wie sich die neue Version präsentiert.

Wreckfest - Sandpit 2 / Ford Escort // Juni Update

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In Kurzform kann eigentlich gesagt werden, dass Wreckfest komplett neu gemacht wurde. Die Grafikengine wurde vollständig überarbeitet, das Reifenmodell ist neu, die Fahrzeugphysik neu, eine (derzeit noch experimentelle) 64Bit Version verfügbar und noch vieles mehr. Mit dem offiziellen Changelog des insgesamt 2,6 Gigabyte großen Updates könnt ihr sehen, was alles verändert und hinzugefügt wurde.

Wreckfest (Next Car Game) Juni Update Changelog

  • Added a 64bit executable.
  • Fixed out of memory errors with high texture quality (on systems with enough memory).

  • Implemented multi-body suspension physics.
  • Implemented physically based tire model.
  • Implemented proper clutch (no manual yet).
  • Improved visual damage accuracy from collisions.
  • Transferred physical vehicle parameters to a new data system for future modding support.
  • Improved accuracy of car-vs-car collisions.
  • Fixed car part simulation.
  • Fixed car-vs-environment visual damage.
  • Implemented surface bump for surfaces.

  • Implemented physically based renderer (PBR) enabling higher quality materials and lighting.
  • Implemented initial version of the DX11 renderer (pending optimization).
  • Implemented hardware multisample antialiasing (MSAA) up to 16x (resolution dependant).
  • Implemented foliage transparency antialiasing (alpha to coverage).

  • Controllers are now re-detected upon entering options.
  • Steering sensitivity slider range is now consistent with brake/accelerator sensitivity sliders.
  • Fixed crash when controller name contained non-ascii characters (like ©).
  • Fixed keyboard key unmapping.

  • Added new game mode: Team Race (2-4 teams).
  • Added new game mode: Elimination Race (2-4 teams).
  • Car is now slowed down and a HUD indicator shown when driving the wrong way / missing a checkpoint.
  • Implement race statistics collecting (per car stats accessible from car selector, per track stats from event selection).
  • Replay now tracks whether tires are lost or still attached.
  • Fixed an issue in which damage would occasionally carry over to single player after exiting a multiplayer game.
  • Increased maximum number of laps to 60 (replay may be cut short though).
  • Implemented more accurate lap time measurement.
  • Added Steam leaderboards.

  • Improved throttle and brake management.
  • Improved avoidance of other cars.
  • Improved starting grid behaviour.
  • AI now drives better on angled surface.

  • Implemented camera shake effect for collisions.
  • Cinematic camera can move along a predefined path (not used yet).
  • Improved replay camera positions on all tracks.

  • New car: American Muscle 3.
  • New car: European Coupe 2.
  • Added more alternative skins.

  • Car upgrade selections are now saved.
  • Added engine subcomponent upgrades (light on choice for now).

  • Added new oval track.
  • Added overhauled Sandpit track.
  • Improved AI splines.
  • Added pit areas (for future use).

User Interface
  • Redline and max RPM in tachometer are now dynamic based on the engine.
  • Disabled shoddy looking RPM meter needle smoothing.
  • Split time to player in front of the player is now shown at certain split points during races.
  • Concise race standings are now shown in HUD during races.
  • Race winner is now shown in HUD.
  • In-race results overlay now always shows the top positions in addition to the player's.
  • In-race results overlay is now accessible in photo/replay/spectate modes.
  • Fixed various problems with in-game HUD in replay.
  • Added an option to hide HUD during races.
  • Player name overlay can be now hidden directly from replay UI.
  • Added photo mode hotkeys to cycle between car targets.
  • Graphics options are now adjustable from in-game settings menu.
  • Improved launcher layout for 720p screens.
  • Launcher is now not shown if settings loading succeeds.
  • Fixed a bug affecting primary graphics adapter detection.
  • Implemented scalable distance field fonts for use with new future UI.
  • Implemented borderless window mode for native full-screen resolution window.
  • Window should now remain mostly responsive during loading screens.
  • Kicking/banning is now possible with right-click context menu in lobby and in-race results overlay.
  • Input fields now support cursor movement for editing.

  • Implemented an option to change the track and other event settings in lobby.
  • Added an option to change the car and upgrades in lobby, with the car taken to a pit area.
  • Added an option to spectate a race in progress from lobby.
  • Implemented full photo mode instead of just track side camera in post-race spectator mode.
  • Host can now add AI bots (bots will make room for humans on a full server if the race has not started yet).
  • Added server filtering options.
  • Remaining laps or time left is now shown in server browser when a race is in progress.
  • Implemented chat in respawn screen, spectator mode as well as during and after race (default key to activate ingame is Enter).
  • Added an option to game settings to disable in-race chat.
  • A speech bubble icon in now shown in lobby next to players that are currently typing a chat message.
  • Added an option for a player to change their team (max 12 players per team).
  • Added a host option to limit car class.
  • Added a host option to force same car model as host.
  • Added a host option to disable car resets.
  • Added a host option to set a custom server name.
  • Added a host option to set a welcome message (displayed when a client joins).
  • Implemented a vote kick/ban system.
  • Added an option to promote other players to moderators (can kick and ban) and admins (can adjust event/rules).
  • Third ban to same player results in the ban being automatic in subsequent games on the same host.
  • Players can retire from race in the pause menu (useful e.g. when hopelessly in a ditch on a no-reset server).
  • Lost tires are now synced from server.
  • Fixed wrong gear on clients after car reset or new race.
  • Fixed bugs in results calculation.
  • Improved client-side prediction.
  • Various server side fixes.

Dedicated Server
  • Implemented first version of dedicated server (the server runs without a Steam account and uses considerably less RAM and CPU than the full game).
  • Implemented command line configuration.
  • Implemented remote configuration through game client with lobby UI and/or chat commands.

  • Improved particle performance.

  • Improved audio positioning.
  • Added a beep to lobby race start countdown.
  • Fixed curb sounds.
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