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Assetto Corsa: Update 1.2 mit kostenlosem Content erhältlich

Aug. 03, 2015 at 3:15 PM
NewsSeit Freitag Abend steht das Update 1.2 für Assetto Corsa zum Download bereit. Es beinhaltet zahlreiche Verbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen, sowie die bereits im Vorfeld angekündigten Autos und eine Rennstrecke kostenlos für alle Besitzer der Rennsimulation.
Bereits kurz nachdem Kunos Simulazioni die Fans über die Zukunft von Assetto Corsa informierte, wurden das Update auf Version 1.2 sowie der Bonus DLC veröffentlicht. Genauer gesagt erschienen beide zusammen am Freitag Abend und können somit von allen Assetto Corsa Besitzern über Steam heruntergeladen werden.

Wer sich jetzt für den Kauf von Assetto Corsa entscheidet, erhält natürlich die aktuellste Version und auch den Bonus DLC. Kurzzeitig war Assetto Corsa um fünfzig Prozent reduziert, doch bis zum Mittwoch gibt es noch immer dreißig Prozent Rabatt auf den regulären Kaufpreis.

Update 1.2   Bonus DLC Update 1.2   Bonus DLC Update 1.2   Bonus DLC Update 1.2   Bonus DLC Update 1.2   Bonus DLC Update 1.2   Bonus DLC
Weitere Bilder des Assetto Corsao Update 1.2 und Bonus Pack

Im nachfolgend aufgeführten Changelog könnt ihr lesen, welche Fehler beseitigt wurden und welche neuen Funktionen ab sofort in Assetto Corsa enthalten sind.

Assetto Corsa Update 1.2 Changelog
  • Balanced interior and exterior volume for all cars
  • Updated Fmod example project
  • Updated Fmod pipeline document
  • Fixed some rare FMod crashes
  • Fixed bodywork sound when stand still for some cars
  • Fixed typos for career descriptions
  • Fixed Ferrari 458 and Giulia GTA sound pan
  • Fixed flags position for triple screens users
  • Fixed replay doesn't show smoke
  • Fixed sun visible through barriers
  • Fixed flying crew at Mugello
  • Fixed delay before gear shift recognised
  • Fixed keyboard controller and mouse steering
  • Fixed rare pit stop repair bug when clutch is pressed
  • Fixed wrong player is selected in the drivers list
  • Fixed showroom crashes with Motion Blur enabled
  • Fixed tyre blankets weird behaviour
  • Fixed front wheels size on Lotus Evora
  • Fixed Pagani Huayra broken mirror
  • Fixed missing BMW M3 Gt2 rear tow
  • Fixed cars already damaged starting a gameplay session at Ring
  • Fixed BMW M3 e92 red patch on headlights
  • Fixed P4/5 Competizione static calipers
  • Fixed 599xx Evo weird LOD effect
  • Fixed blurred rims missing from LOD C on some cars
  • Fixed fuel calculator on Setup UI
  • Fixed 500 Abarth skin issues
  • Fixed pit crew panels in Chevy C7r and Nissan GT-R GT3.
  • Fixed some broken Steam achievements
  • BMW 1M has stock liveries; the previous ones are assigned to the S3 version
  • Added FOV system message when using +/- to change the value ingame
  • Added visual indication for suggested eyes position and actual eye position for Driver Eyes Positioning app
  • Added "Auto Pos" button in Driver Eyes Positioning app to automatically move the eyes position to the suggested value
  • Added Exposure system message when PGUP/PGDOWN are used to change the value ingame
  • Improved AI. AI cars can and will overtake slower cars, lose their stability easier, can oversteer occasionally.
  • Tyres now have a short name that is visualized on the classification, so that players can know which tyres the AI is using.
    SV= Street Vintage
    ST= Street
    SM= Semislicks
    SS= Slicks SuperSoft
    S= Slicks Soft
    M= Slicks Medium
    H= Slicks Hard
    SH= Slicks SuperHard
    HR= Hypercar Road
    I= Intermediate
    V= Vintage
  • Fixed tyre - kerb hard collisions
  • Adjusted realigning forces from tyres.
  • Active differentials
  • New Alfa Romeo Mito Quadrifoglio Verde
  • New Audi Sport Quattro
  • New Lamborghini Miura SV
  • New Nissan GT-R Nismo
  • New Toyota GT-86
  • New Zandvoort circuit
  • New interior soundset for 500 Abarth (shared with Alfa MiTo and Tatuus FA01)
  • Added dynamic controllers to drivetrain (Nissan GT-R Nismo)
  • Added FF low speed reduction factor to avoid oscillations when the car is stationary. (check system/cfg/assetto_corsa.ini [LOW_SPEED_FF]]
  • Multiplayer - Added checksum checks for tracks using the new config system
  • Multiplayer - Removed "Track List" feature from AC Server
  • Multiplayer - Added "IS_OPEN" key to "[RACE]" to lock new players from joining a race. 0=CLOSED, only players coming from the previous sessions are allowed in. 1=OPEN, players can join during a race. 2=OPEN DURING WAIT TIME, players are allowed to join during the wait time only
  • Multiplayer - Fixed collision not triggering correct samples
  • Multiplayer - Added weather settings to the server side
  • Multiplayer - Fixed tyres glued to the road for cars without animated suspensions
  • Multiplayer - Added possibility to limit tyre choice
  • Multiplayer - Added Server Plugin Auth system to AC Server for customized user authentication.
    AUTH_PLUGIN_ADDRESS in server_cfg.ini
  • Multiplayer - Added Server UDP Plugin for realtime data input/output from AC Server (check example C# application and UDP_PLUGIN_ADDRESS in server_cfg.ini)
  • Multiplayer - It is now possible to complete last lap during Qualify & Practice
  • Multiplayer - Fixed /client_list not showing local car ID
  • Multiplayer - Added first ballast implementation (use /ballast [carid] [kg] in the chat as admin or entry list)
  • Multiplayer - At the end of a race now the system goes "Race Control" view with leaderboard and chat
  • Multiplayer - Exit button in ESC menu is now at safe distance from the others
  • Multiplayer - Added option to force virtual mirror ON from AC Server
  • Multiplayer - Added acServerManager into server folder.
  • Added realtime "relative" time app
  • Added glowing brakes graphics effect. [DISCS_GRAPHICS] in brakes.ini
  • DRS can now be turned off with the DRS button and not only by braking
  • AI grip on corner exit is now more realistic
  • Improved loading time ~1s faster per car
  • Game timing is now using high resolution timer unless a drift is detected and the timer is switched to 1ms resolution. This improves FPS CAPS and general fluidity
  • Tyres and rims now stay blurred when replay is paused
  • Auto shifter has now its own dedicated section in drivetrain.ini [AUTO_SHIFTER] and does not share it with AI any more
  • Air density calculation is now using temperature as input
  • Proximity indicator now scales with resolution
  • AI now properly brakes in time to hit 80Kmh in the pitlane
  • Fixed discs object not properly switched with LODS
  • Better driver gearshift preload on first gear
  • Fixed strong tyre vibration around 40 kmh
  • Added EBB (electronic brake balance) support
  • Removed user FF damper settings from GUI and setups. FF damping is only used for stationary cars (hard steering wheel feel) and it is controlled by wheel drivers
  • Removed limits from Driver Eyes Positioning app
  • Kers is now recharged in pits
  • AI is not using "Trail Hint" anymore
Mehr Rennspiel News gibt es im News-Archiv. Dort findest Du alle Neuigkeiten zu Rennspielen.
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