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Furiousness on the Autobahn with new cars [Update]

Jan. 09, 2009 at 10:20 AM
NewsSome were waiting for others didn't expect it.
Beside a scenarioupdate there are also some new cars for Crash Time 2 and WR2 also.
PreviewAs announced already there is after the demo another new scenario available here at games.reveur.de.

More realistic Autobahn
Already in version 2 there is the modified version of the Autobahn scenario with new textures, objects and much more ready for download.
Many modifications like building lots or other well known situations from real life will give a much more realistic feeling driving around in the Autobahn scenario.
The archive has been updated and uses a password without "Umlauts" now. Everyone who still has problems extracting the archive did not read the readme file.
Also there is a support thread in our forum created by The Testdriver, which is your way to ask for problems regarding the scenario mod.

Beside the scenario there is also an update for the traffic you can download here.
This only has to be copied into the folder WorldRacing2/Traffic/Streets to make it work.

Mercedes Coupé
From a still unknown modder we received a conversion of Mercedes-Benz World Racing, which will make many racefans happy.
It's the CLK 430 in a good conversion that is absolutely worth a download and a nice way to remember the times racing in MBWR.

W204 C-Class
Already available since a few days there is the C-Class package from Testdriver 700. This download already received a lot different ratings from the gamers.
Many really like the car and are happy to have this addon in World Racing 2 with 3 different versions, others criticize bugs in details or unprecise settings like wrong engine speeds.
Also there are a lot requests for the C63 AMG but, Testdriver already announced he doesn't know if he will make this car.
Nevertheless this package is worth to download and have some testlaps ingame. After successfull testing you might rate the car here on the site.

Additionally to those numerous releases for World Racing 2 there are also two new cars for Crash Time 2.

Race Touareg
Also made for racing, not on the street but off road, there comes a new addon from Basti93.
That's a conversion of Synetic's car from World Racing 2 which is now available for Alarm for Cobra 11 - Crash Time 2.

FBI Pickup
A special version of the Crash Time 2 Pickup T2 was released by BigBoy last evening.
He modified the truck to make a FBI version, you can download here now.
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Also die Autobahn ist gut geworden, nur kann mir das mal einer erklären:


Big Smile xD
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Ich glaube da hat sich den Pc kurz aufgehangen und dabai sind Verkehrs berechnungen verloren gegangen...

Ist bei mir auch mal passiertSad Shocked
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Echt geile strecke aber i-wie is jez der vehrker bei mir wech bei der strecke kann mir das iener erklären???
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bei mir hängt sich der pc auf wenn ich die stl. datei in den ordner streets ziehe und dann starte, und dann auf der autobahn_RM fahre!!
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Wie im Update zur News geschrieben, es gibt einen Hilfethread im Forum. Also bitte dort zu Fragen und Problemen einen Kommentar hinterlassen.
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also die Autobahn ist echt gut gelungen. Gefällt mir sehr sehr gut. Das Problem mit der stl. Datei und das sich dann der Pc aufhängt hab ich auch aber ich werde mal in den Hilfethread schauen.


iTobi Big Smile
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