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New Trains, New Ways, New Feeds

Jan. 27, 2009 at 8:40 PM
NewsAs you have Read it today Midday we have Added new RSS Feeds on our Site. But there are also some other new things.
PreviewSiemens Desiro ML
BigBoy has a new Trainaddon for all the ones who think that the standard Crash Time 2 Trains are too boring. But now you don't overwrite an existing train, you install a real AddOn. This is possible, cause the Modding Scene have found out how to add Trains. You just have to modify one file, like it is explained in the ReadMe.

The Siemens Desiro ML is a typical Passenger Train, which is realised in Crash Time 2 by BigBoy very detailled. Because of that you get an good modeld inside of the train with a few passengers.

Some of you will probably already noted it, and now here it is announced also by official side that the FTL Scenario is available now also here at games.reveur.de.

With it comes up you the possibility to download this well moved Scratch made Scenario also here. Besides, to orders becomes to you a lot. Starting from a nice, small city, with church and cemetery, you reach over the nicely developed and detailed country roads to the area FTL where some test possibilities are ready to you. Model for this area is the original FTL area which is used, among the rest, by action Concept for the alarm for Cobra 11 series. .

To find out yourself what you can get with the Scenario; Download it.


RSS Feed: Downloads
As you has read it in todays midday news we have a few nwe RSS Feeds on our site.
The next one is the RSS Download Feed, which is available now.


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Have Fun!
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Thumbs Up na ja die grafik ist jetzt nicht gerade der hammer aber derzug ist schon cool. Angry
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Gibt es den zug wirklich???

wozu ist die rechnung beim kommentar schreiben da? Twinkle
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Jo denn Zug gibs Wirklich der fährt von Köln nach Bonn Smile
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Thumbs Up
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Ja der zug fährt echt hier im reinland rum ich kann ihn fast jeden tag sehen. es gibt zwar jetzt schon eine neuere vision aber ich muss sagen der sieht echt geil aus Thumbs Up weiter so
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Der Zug sieht von ausen und innen cool aus damit bin ich gefahren und es ist sehr leise die Kurve spürt man kaun Twinkle
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