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New cars from Norbee

Feb. 04, 2009 at 10:15 PM
NewsToday we added many cars from the modder "Norbee" who comes from Hungary. Apart from a buick from 1971 there are also two Ladas, two Fiats and a Daewoo available for downloading.
PreviewBuick GSX 1971
To keep track of all the new addons we'll start by the alphabet - with a Buick GSX from 1971. It has got a Bigblock 455 V8 enigne that performs 350-370 HP and a torque of about 690 nm.
That are already some exciting inner qualitys, and the Buick impresses also from the outside.
It is a really nice classic american car you shouldn't miss!

Daewoo Nexia Preview
The Deawoo Nexia actually comes from Korea, but is known well here, too. The notchback version of the Nexia is a little less famous than the hatchback you see more often on the streets. Anyway, it's always great to have some cars you see all day! So, just go for a download!

Fiat 126p Preview
Norbee offers an other non-race car for us, an old Fiat 126p. Earlier there were a lot 126's, but today you see only a few of them. This italian classic car has got up to 27 HP, so it could be funny to "climb" a mountain in some rangy sceneries.
Just try if you manage it!

Fiat 126 Drag Machine Preview
If you can't manage to go up to a high mountain with the stock Fiat 126, this drag version would be great for you. Although it has many aerodynamic spoilers, it seems to be a a wolf in sheep's clothing. We don't know the proper number of HPs, but there should be a lot!
If you want to go for race, here it is.

Lada Niva R Preview
The next car by Norbee is a Lada Niva R. The R does not mark a sport version of the Lada Niva, it indicates the police version of it. In Hungarian the word for "police" is "Rendörseg", which explaines the R in the name of this car.
It's not really fast, but it should be enough to catch some bandits on the way.
Here you can go for a chase.

Lada Rally BA3 2105 VFTS Preview
To manage driving offroad, this Lada Rally car should be great for you. It's built for not being on the road - but it gets fast there, too! At night there are some helpful additional lights on the hood.
This is the last addon for today, so I hope you like them! You can download the Lada Rally car here.
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Super Wagen Danke für deine Auto Sammlung Danke V Shocked ielendank
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thanks Thumbs Up
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nice cars! thanks! could you make a daewoo espero or renault 18 or fiat siena? please make this cars!
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