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NewsToday there's again something new. Now there is a BMW M3 e30 and a nice background mod called "Audi Dreamcars".
BMW M3 e30Preview
And also for driving there's something new for you - the BMW e30. It's not the regular e30, it's even the sport edition "M3"! It's definately fun to race through some citys or race circuits.
The BMW M3 E30 is the first type of the successfull M series. In 1986 this M3 started as a so called homologation model for the DTM. That means the car has to be sold a special times on the market before it becomes the license to start in the racing series.
All in all the M3 E30 has been built less than 15.000 times, which is not much and makes it a very rare and popular collectors car.

Do you feel like winning a race or two with this classic sports car? Go and start the download!

Background "Audi Dreamcars"Preview
The modder "Audi4ever" offers this background to all Audi freaks. It shows the "dream cars" of the German car manufacturer Audi and breaks up your World Racing 2 menu.
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Cool Danke für den geilen wagen und das super Background Danke Shocked Thumbs Up
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Thumbs Up saugeiler BMW
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What a badly released BMW. Car is good but release is rushed. why put .tga's, .lwo and ptxtool in the zip?
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Irgendwie niedlich.Vor gar nicht allzulanger Zeit wurde eine Seite wie HWRMT totgeschwiegen, weil da ja illegal konvertiert wird und das auch angeblich nicht allzugut(Opel Astra Steinmetz Cabrio aus MBWR von ortwin zb, den man da immer noch downloaden kann ohne diesen ganzen Passwortschnickschnackparanoiablödsinn), und siehe da, nun taucht hier ein Wagen nach dem anderen auf. Was solls, müsst ihr wissen.Back to topic, der M3 ist wirklich einer der eher laueren Konvertierungen, fahrbar aber allemale.
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