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Mercedes or Opel?

NewsEven three and a half years after release the fans of World Racing 2 are still modding the game very intensely. Among the new addons are luxary sports cars as well as classics of german automobile industry.
PreviewOpel classic car
Again and again fans are asking to release one or two Opel for World Racing 2. Among the requests there are modern cars as well as classics, and now the time has come for a real classic car, the Opel Rekord D 1900.
Scratch-made by Techjunkie, an unknown modder up to now, the WR2 players now can drive with a car they wouldn't dream of until now.
Sportly touched by extra wide wheels, the virtual streets can be painted red with this oldtimer. It's not necessarily a rocket, but it's definitively worth to go for a ride with it, so get the car and make your own sentence.

Previewsporty luxury
A completely different type of car is the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG, which is the 2nd Addon we present here today.
More than 2 years ago there was a Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG, also made by TomWin but now it is a open version with a better model and other details for the fans of luxury sportscars.
The SL65 is based on the model of 2006, without the facelift, but it is still not less sporty or elegant and has a lot of power, which let's the heart of any racefan beats faster.
From 6 litre of cubic capacity it gets an unbelievable torque of 1000Nm. With this power the car runs the 0-100Km/h sprint in 4.2 seconds. If the Speedlock is deactivated the car can reach a topspeed of 338 Km/h and you can try it out in a game like World Racing 2.

PreviewCzech rallye-cars
Not luxury and not old is the Skoda Fabia RS Cup from TK-Tobias1. He has made a 200HP engine and with this you have enough of power to come from A to B. Furthermore he made new suspension settings and now you have a good driving behaviour.

PreviewAnother street-version of a Rally-Car is the Skoda Octavia RS. TK-Tobias1 convert this car from the World Racing 2 Skoda Demo and released it in the last days.
Download Skoda Octavia RS
Download Skoda Fabia RS Cup

PreviewPolish seasons
For all the ones who get bored in Polish Roads, Trumph-ator has made a textur update for it. Now you have various seasons, like winter or summer.

The last Addon for World Racing 2 today comes also from Triumph-ator. It is a Vinyl for the Ford Focus SVT and has the creative name "Nygmobile". With this Vinyl the car gets a lot of question marks on green color and it is good combinated with the word on the roof "Whatever".
All in all the vinyl is a funny made AddOn for all the ones who have to laugh while playing World Racing 2

PreviewNew textures for Crash Time 2
If you don't want to see the same colors every day in Crash Time 2, Basti93 has a good AddOn for you. He made 2 new textureaddons for the Pickup and the Go-Kart, included in Crash Time 2. The Pickup has got orange stripes and the Kart drives now with advertisements of "Ingrids Teepunkt" through the world of Crash Time 2.
Download Kart "With ads"
Download Pickup "Orange Stripes"

Previewfirst aid with style
The new Modder FFdeluxe has sent us another modification for Crash Time 2. He has changed the in the game included Police-version of the Alligator with a first aid Vinyl, in Germany called "Notarzt". It replaces the original Police Alligator, so you have to save it before install the Addon. Now it is possible to solve cases as first aid and not only as Police.

PreviewChanged traffic lights in Crash Time
The second traffic light mod for Crash Time comes from DaChief and makes that the traffic lights are on or that they flash or, as standard in Crash time, that they are out.
Other than the existing traffic light mod, this one does not change the texture only but adds a light to look more realistic.
Mehr Rennspiel News gibt es im News-Archiv. Dort findest Du alle Neuigkeiten zu Rennspielen.
Weißt Du ein Thema über das wir noch nicht berichtet haben? Schick uns Deinen Hinweis!

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