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Opel, Dacia and a Peugeot Concept

NewsFriends of old cars can be very happy today but also fans of daily drivers and concept cars should read this news.
PreviewMuch more Opel Rekord
After the comments of the very good scratch made Opel Rekord D were not very good, the modeller TechJunkie has done some work on this car.
The Opel Rekord, which is new modelled has got a lot of improvements and is now a Addon which should be downloaded by everyone who is interested in old Cars.
Besides a new enginesound the car has a new Damage Model, lightened instruments, nicer tyres and chromerims and some other updates.
The performance of this car is very good done and offers a lot of driving fun.
It is no superfast racecar but it is a car which offers a lot of fun to drive races in World Racing 2.

Preview"Abwrackprämie" - Part two
An other addon of the bvb09jo's called "Abwrackprämienseries" were added to our database today.
Not a high-class car, but also a car which you can see everyday on our streets. So the Dacia Logan shows itself in World Racing 2, too.
Perfect for cruise but also wonderful suitable to drive demandingly races. This is caused by the reason that the Logan has a Topspeed of 170 Kph and has no fast acceleration. Exactly this leads to the fact that overtakes must be well-considered and lead to marvellous duels.

PreviewDriveable concept
Off the slow vehicles there is a new Addon, converted by TomWin what all fans of Concept cars and to especially also fast cars should like. With incredible 600 HP equipped and therefore a rapid acceleration and high final speed offering, the Peugeot quasar can protect itself definitely a place under the really fast Addons in World Racing 2. By his futuristic form the optical appearance also is exactly that what already the technical data promise. A sports-car which waits only to be hunted over the race circuits in the world of World Racing 2
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Der Dacia ist ja qualitativ viel besser als der, den es schon gibt. Ich und der Logan werden bestimmt viel Spaß haben Thumbs Up
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Hammergeil !!!

Ich finde ältere Klassiker sowieso total cool Smile

Da trifft sich der Opel Rekord ziemlich gur Big Smile

Kompliment Thumbs Up
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