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No easter eggs but easter addons

Apr. 12, 2009 at 3:10 PM
News In order that you won't get bored at Easter, today at Easter Sunday there are lots of new addons both for the fans of World Racing 2 and for the fans of the new Ferrari Virtual Race.
PreviewTwo updates for the motorsport
For the recently published beta version of adamraga's Motorsport Series Pack are two updates available. Update number three improves the Lotus Elise an adds new sounds. Update four adds new doorlines to the Lamborghini Gallardo, the VW Golf and the Subaru Impreza and contains some new vinyls for the last-named vehicle.
Download Update 3
Download Update 4

PreviewFurter Corvette vinyls
After "RaceStripes" today follow two further vinyl sets from J.S. Paint for the Corvette C6 Pack from TomWin. With "Hot Style" you can paint your car, the name already says it, stylish. The theme on the hood is available in several colors and can be combined, as usual, with the standard colors as you wish.
The second vinyl package, "Different Vinyls", is a pack with 24 different themes, aswell for the Corvette C6 pack. Among others, it contains a safety car painting, a carbon look, a vinyl of the U.S. Eagles or a Corvette GT1-Vinyl. Both packs can be reached via the download button below.
Download Hot Style
Download Different Vinyls

PreviewTuned Italian
Even if it's a Ferrari, it can never have enough power. Probably bvb09jo thought the same while tuning the Ferrari F40, out came a "Ferrari F40 Craze Addicted". With 730 hp this monster goes 370 kilometers per hour and has a mighty engine capacity of nearly 6,8 liters. So if you want to enjoy some FVR feeling also in World Racing 2, you should really have a closer look on this addon.

PreviewMercedes Virtual Race... what?
No, the new game from Synetic was fortunately not renamed, but new addns can be reportet. As the title suggests, those addons are cars from the car manufacturer from Stuttgart. Joern converted to classic Mercedes, the first is a Mercedes-Benz SL280 Pagode EVO. Thus, the first classics finds its way to Ferrari Virtual Race.

PreviewBut that's not enough, Joern has another ace in the hole. With the Mercedes 300 SLS the SL280 has found a worthy opponent and doesn't have to keep strugling with the much faster Italian sports cars. The 300 SLS is a more confortable racer in comparison to the original FVR cars, but of course much too good for scrapping.

PreviewLong vehicle
For Alarm for Cobra 11 - Crash Time 2, there is only one addon today. Based on the Transporter in CT2 henri has built a heavy haulage pack. It contains, of course, a low-loader with a loaded excavator and a matching escort vehicle with a big warning sign on the roof. So if you always wanted to drive or to escort a heavy haulage, you should get the pack with the following download link.
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danke für die addons

die sind total cool

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Ich finde schade, dass das addon (Schwertransporter Pack) nicht für WR2 ist!!! Sad
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