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Army and different Sportsmen

NewsAt the beginning of the weekend there are a lot of AddOns for WR2.
You can find all new ones in the news.
At the beginning of this weekend we added 3 addons converted by Mario_13 to our database. The first one is a classic and small japanese sportscar.

PreviewToyota MR-S
This little sportscar is called "Toyota MR S". Very interesting to know is the fact, that car is based on the Lotus Elise platform and is meant as a more sportive version as the standard Toyota MR2. The Lotus base results in the same handy driving as the English lightweighted car also offers. Because of that it's a very interesting alternative to other sportscars with more power but also more weight.
You shouldn't miss this addon!

PreviewNissan 200SX S14
When we are at japanese cars we go on with another sportscar converted by Mario_13.
It's not a Toyota but a Nissan 200SX S14. This car isn't very popular all over the world but that doesn't mean it's not worth to look at. It's performance is absolutely worth to check it out and give it a ride.
Go ahead and have your virtual race in World Racing 2!

PreviewRenault Megane Coupe
The third addon for today from Mario_13 comes from france. This car has so not lot of power, "only 180 HP, but the very good design of the Megané Coupé should be a good argument for this car. Furthermore this car can also be a good opponent for cars like Golf GTI and Scirocco, so download this car and have a lot of fun with it.

PreviewTVR Cerbera 4.5
Now we go to Great Britain. From this country there comes the next addon, a very nice car made by Freak-DS, converted by TomWin, the TVR Cerbera 4.5. The Cerbera is a sporty but also a comfortably Gran Turismo. The design is elegant but it shows also a little piece of the power inside. This car should completed your virtual TVR Collection, so download it and have fun!

PreviewVW T1
This last addon for today comes from J.S. Paint in coorporation with Triumph-Ator.
Somebody would ask himself why this should be a new addon, because there is still a T1. All the ones who take a look at the Download notice that it is a very good download. Not really like a rocket, but nice if you just want to cruise.
If you want to make races with this car, it is really hard to overtake another car, but also very funny, so download it now!
Mehr Rennspiel News gibt es im News-Archiv. Dort findest Du alle Neuigkeiten zu Rennspielen.
Weißt Du ein Thema über das wir noch nicht berichtet haben? Schick uns Deinen Hinweis!

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Gelungene Addons, vorallem der Megane gefällt mir Thumbs Up
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Die sind schon lange auf txpro seite zu download

sorry nix neues... Innocent
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Na und, macht das etwas? Erstens waren manche noch gar nicht www.txpro.xk.pl, und zweitens hättest Du ganz vielleicht auch mal etwas zu den AddOns beitragen sollen, hmm?

Also mir gefallen vor allem der Megane und der Cerbera, aber auch die Anderen sind meiner Meinung nach vorbildlich gearbeitet.

Der Toyota der kleine Freche, der Nissan der coole Lässige, der Megáne der cruisige Sichere, der Cerbera der englische Porsche und der T1-Bus der altbekannte Praktische. Alle AddOns lohnen sich, denn alle sind unterschiedlich einzustufen. So soll es sein Thumbs Up
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Very specials cars Big Smile
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