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NewsA lot of different addons for more than one game brings this news and will keep you up to date about our latest uploads.
PreviewItalian Exotic
A really extraordinary addon and at the same time a concept car comes from TomWin. He voncerted the Lamborghini Cala, a car modelled from NJ_XJ220.
All fans of racing can expect a car, presented in 1995 at the Geneva Auto-Salon as a concept, which never reached the start of production.
It's a design from Italdesign for Lamborghini, which has 408 hp out of a V10 engine that is able to reach the 100 km/h mark in about 5 seconds.
That means just step in and have some fast laps in World Racing 2.

PreviewSporty Japanese
Much more luxury is the Lexus IS-F, converted by Mario_13.
Known for a lot of comfort combined with powerful engines, the name Lexus is for many a household name. But also there there are vehicles which have still more power as the normal production cars. Just such one is the IS-F.
Whole 420 hp, so even more than the above-mentioned Lamborghini, let the Japanese car even with four doors not look stupid.
With the IS-F Toyota shows again that luxury isn't an obstacle for sportiness.

PreviewAgain from Japan
Also from Japan, but not so much luxury, comes the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X. This addon was converted by MACK3A.
With that also the new generation of the Lancer finds the way to World Racing 2. and will please all those who are delighted by motorsports.
Through successful participation in rallye sports for years Mitsubishi has with the Lancer a real race car looking like a bog-standard car, except for the still very eye-catching rear spoiler.
Togheter with the cockpit view, which this addon offers, you can also complete some laps with the Lancer apart from the track.

PreviewDacia package
Away from fast cars, it goes to Rumania with the Dacia 1310 pack.
Built since 1979 only few men will know this car, because in Western European countries you can see cars from the brand Dacia just since a few years.
However, this doesn't mean to ignore this addon. Even if you don't know the brand, a test drive is appropriate. Not only fast cars can be fun, even those slow everyday cars from Eastern European countries may contribute to exciting races and gripping duels.

PreviewDrive Fly
The only two addons for Alarm for Cobra 11 - Crash Time 2 today come from Flo V. These aren't cars but something much more extraordinary. Flo V. has created a helicopter and a sports airplane for CT2. They can be installed and driven respectively flewn like normal vehicles. The sole difference is that they don't touch the floor but hover. Two real extraordinary addons that you really should download.
Download Helicopter-Pack
Download Sport-Aircraft

PreviewComfortable back on earth
Also from Flo V. there is another addon for Crash Time 2.
Back on the ground and this in a very comfortable car, he presents us his conversion of a Maybach Exelero.
Based on a Sketchup Model from FJR this addon offers in Crash Time 2 to catch gangster or have fast races with such a luxury and powerful vehicle.
Mehr Rennspiel News gibt es im News-Archiv. Dort findest Du alle Neuigkeiten zu Rennspielen.
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