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Tracks, cars, vinyls, tools

May. 13, 2009 at 3:59 PM
NewsAnd again there are new addons. Besides two new scenarios there are several cars for World Racing 2 today and furthermore a very useful tool for the new Ferrari Virtual Race.
PreviewBritish race track
The first addon of today comes from Stew2000. He has converted the British race circuit Brands Hatch to World Racing 2. This also in the DTM 2009 used track is 1.9 km long and is located just 40 kilometers southeast of London. It is a mountain and valley track across a scenic landscape and is classified as very demanding to drive on. Because of this it's perfect qualified for exciting neck-and-neck races.

PreviewLeMans update
Furthermore, another Beta of the LeMans circuit made by Pedro Boticas is available. This race track in France has become world famous due to the annual 24-hour race. Unfortunately the Beta caused some problems which made it impossible for many people to install it and play. However, the moder Jani has created the necessary file to activate the scenario with the WR2 Manager. Apart from this, the track has been still improved now and further work was done, although there is still some work to do up to the final version. If there are any questions regarding the installation or activation of the addon, you can get help in the topic "How to install AddOn Sceneries" in our board.

PreviewComplete motorsport pack
Already a few weeks ago adamraga has published his motosports pack. Then there came updates for the individual cars again and again, adding new vinyls or cockpit views and correcting some faults. For all those for who these four updates are too much effort, there's remedy now: adamraga has released the package including all updates as a single addon. With that there's now no more confusion with different updates.

PreviewPorsche racing car
The next addon of today is a true top athlete. The Porsche 911 GT1 has 550 horsepower and was constructed exclusively for participation at the 24h race of LeMans, but also sold as a road vehicle in a limited edition . A special highlight for the GT1 was the LeMans race of 1998, in this year Porsche was a double victory, because both winner and runner-up drove with a Porsche 911 GT1.
The model converted by Pedro Boticas is, when faced with the fact that it is taken out of a nine years old game, very good, even if it can't keep up with other high quality WR2 models. Each racing freak should download this car in any case and then paint for example the new LeMans Beta (see above) red.

PreviewMuscle car package
From BigBoy there are also news: He has basically reworked his Dodge Charger released a long time ago and tied up a parcel with several versions. It includes overall four versions of the Charger, inter alia a Super Bee version with even more power than the standard car and also a police version.

PreviewStrong Japanese
From a completely different part of the world, namely from Japan, comes the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX. With that also the second newest generation of the Lancer is represented and will please many motorsport enthusiasts.
Through successful participation in rallye sports for years Mitsubishi has created a real race car with the look of a bog-standard car, if you disregard the eye-catching rear spoiler.
But not only for WR2, also for Alarm for Cobra 11 - Crash Time the lancer is ready to download. Bene2210 & BsBsBock have taken the trouble to convert the car.
Download for World Racing 2
Download for AfC11 - Crash Time

PreviewJokey paints
From Basti93 comes the first Vinyl-Pack of today. For the a few days ago released Mercedes-Benz SLR Extreme he has made a vinyl package with overall 31 vinyls. It includes paintings with different motives, especially gimmickries with color gradients, optical illusions, paintings and other creative vinyls.

PreviewRacing vinyl
Already a few days ago freddydaimler published a new vinyl based on the famous Gulf painting which is known for many decades in the racing scene. As the vehicle he chose the Porsche Carrera GT from TomWin, which can now decorate itself with this high-quality, sporty elegant vinyl in World Racing 2.

PreviewRace against 15 opponents
From alma comes a very useful tool for Ferrari Virtual Race. Normally there can be set only up to 7 opponents in the game, but this program cheats that barrier. After starting the tool there can be selected a profile and then the number of opponents, the maximum is 15. After that you can start FVR as usual and drive a race. However, the set number of opponents shouldn't be changed in the game menu, because otherwise the game would set the maximum of opponents back to seven. Conclusion: With this tool the races in Ferrari Virtual Race are still more fun!

PreviewSeveral pickups
Besides the WR2 addon competition there is the new CT2 addon competition in our board now. This pack contains all cars of the round 1, in which the standard pickup has to be modified. Included are the FirePickup by Andi, a pickup modified to a fire brigade, the Pickup Police by Basti93 and the Pickup T-Rex Offroad Concept by Bigboy, which comes with three axles and fairly brawny.
Mehr Rennspiel News gibt es im News-Archiv. Dort findest Du alle Neuigkeiten zu Rennspielen.
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