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Trucks, as far as the eye can see

May. 15, 2009 at 5:48 PM
News For all fans of truck racing we've got some good news. Vinyl master J.S.Paint has released 18 different Trucks with racing varnishes.
PreviewPreviewMB Truck Racing in WR2
Many community members, especially those who have been long by the way, will still know a Synetic game from the year 2000: Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing. After N.I.C.E.2 has been a great succes, Synetic turned to something bigger. Escape from the deep and small cockpits of the cars and jump into over 1000 HP strong and weighing tons trucks.
In order that the beauty of this game not goes down anywhere in the nirvana, J.S.Paint, especially known for his extemely high-quality vinyls, has attended to those trucks and converted them to World Racing 2. Already more than two years ago he released a first version, some days ago version 2 followed.
This modification contains seven new trucks and overall 18 trucks with various racing varnishes. They all have the original MBTR cockpit view and thus are suitable perfectly for copying truck races like the international Truck Grand-Prix at the German Nürburgring in July.
All in all, this addon is a very well-elaborated, high-quality remake of Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing. You can give a feedback to the addon in the appropriate thread in our board.
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Mercedes-Benz Truck-Racing Mod v2 10/10
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hey wie kann man mit den trucks dann fahren.hab den ordner mit den autos und motoren alles bei world racing eingefügt aber ich find die trucks im spiel nicht.könnte mir jemand weiterhelfen
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