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OffRoader and multi Variations

NewsBeside numerous versions of the Mercedes-Benz ML there is also a sporty BMW and a very interesting update for already released addons.
PreviewMitsubishi OffRoader
Offroad fans and also fans of classic all-terrain vehicles will be enthused to see the new conversion presented by Stefan. It's a Mitsubishi Pajero 3.8 V6.
This car is powered by a 6-cylinder engine that has enough power and torque for the street and also for offroad adventures.
Who likes to test the car on his own should follow the link below.

PreviewClassic Alpina
A very special and nice car from the bavarian manufacturer BMW reached us from Kodiak982. The twin-supercharged 6-cylinder in-line engine performs 360 hp because of the two Garret turbines and accelerates in only 5.5 seconds up to 100 km/h. The enormous torque of 520 NM speaks for itself and does every overtaking in a short moment.

PreviewBig update pack
A very interesting update was released by Pedro Boticas, who did a lot to make the first version of his converted cars better. With this update the vehicles have WR2 damage model like falling off parts and much more.
To be able to use the update you have to install the previous versions of the cars first.

PreviewLonely Alfa GTV Super 2000
Different than the Mercedes-Benz ML from our addon contest we will talk about later, the contest with the Alfa Romeo had very few participants. To be exact, there was only one person, Andi with his Alfa GTV Super 2000. This modified car is now available here at games.reveur.de.
Completely in the design of a Super 2000 this car is an addon you should have a look at.

PreviewHuge number of MLs
21 times more, that's the number of participants on our ML addon contest, compared to the Alfa GTV contest. Somehow this German SUV reached more interest in the community to have so many mods as result.
At the end there was a hard fight bewteen Adamraga and bvb09jo. Adamraga's version was very good with the perfect vinyl in "Mercedes-Benz Originalteile" style. Looking like a DTM car the addon was very popular with 5 votes. The same number of votes got bvb09jo's ML 500 Extreme Edition, which has as already well known by bvb09jo, some 3D modifications like new headlights from the actual Audi S5.
The final result put bvb09jo to place one with just one vote. This is a sign that both modder did a very good job and created high quality addons.
If you like to test the addon contest cars yourself go and download the complete package containing all 21 mods.
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