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Jul. 01, 2009 at 8:30 PM
NewsIt's already some months ago when the first beta versions have been released, but now there is the final of the motorspor series made by adamraga. And also another addons can be found in this news.
PreviewMotorsport for everyone
Since today there is the motorsport series pack in it's final form. Adamraga has worked on it for several months and from time to time he showed some progresses and released beta versions. The final download file contains 15 vehicles, including well-known motorsport brands as such as Porsche or Lotus. But also normal manufacturing companies as such as Volkswagen or Audi are included.
With this pack you are expected a wide range of vehicles, however they get nearly the same lap times on the German Hockenheimring, what argues a reliable work of adamraga. He adjusted the cars in a way that they are almost identical in power to weight ratio and also the gear ratio the cars are well-matched. The one is a little bit faster in a curve, and the other does better straight.
So the cars are balanced out and thus the above mentioned lap times occur. And also optical this pack is an eye candy. Thus every car has three vinyls giving a bigger race feeling. Furthermore every vehicle has a cockpit view which can be individually changed to match with the vinyl. Also there is enclosed a folder in the download which contains .mox files of the car not having daytime running lights. So all those who don't like the light and only want to use the headlight flasher can replace the files.

All things considered adamraga has made a very successful package which is absolutely worth downloading, of course in the latest version V1.01.

PreviewItalian Design vehicle
From TomWin, one of the best-known modder, we were reached with an more old vehicle from the Fiat concern. The Fiat Coupé 2.0 20V Turbo. This Italian car comes from the Pininfarina design factory and is one of the strongest fiat models which have ever been built.
The sporty 2.0 turbo engine brings the Fiat quickly up to speed and also at uppper speed ranges it doesn't run out of breath. Thus this car offers a lot of fun and shows that also Fiat could built sporty models.
If you are interested in this vehicle, you can download it by clicking on the following link.
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Super Mod Adamraga! Danke!
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das coupe ist der hammer
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