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Black Cup Series

Jul. 08, 2009 at 10:00 AM
NewsThe term Black Series is already some kind of brand name. More and more you can see cars painted in matt black paint. Also in World Racing 2 that is very popular.
PreviewBlack Cup Series started
Well known due his releases on his own name as well as the mods made in teamwork with Andy as AB_Design, Basti93 presented in the last two days what he calls Extreme-Tuning.
That resulted in plenty führte bereits zu reichlich discusses and will do in the future, too. Some fans of World Racing 2 really like this work, others can't find anything on Basti93's mods. Nevertheless the number of downloads clearly says there is enough interest and many have fun racing around with these mods..
PreviewSo far the Black Cup Series contains a Skoda Octavia and a Skoda Fabia. Both vehicles are based on original Synetic models, modified with new rims and some very impressive new spoiler..
But that's not all, the already mentioned painting was completely redone and a new engine added. This has 658 horsepowers and keeps the gamer concentrated at the wheel. With only 800 kilogram car-weight it's the perfect combination and allows nice fights head-to-head in both cars.
All in all fans who were still hesitating should have a testdrive to find out more about the new Black Cup Series.
Download - Skoda Octavia Black Cup
Download - Skoda Fabia Black Cup
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The skoda octavia is very very fast.1-100km/h in 2.0 seconds.Bugatti Veyron is slowSmile)
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Tare pentru romanii care iau de aici sloda octavia II k ii cea mai tare de pe acest site.0-100km/h in 2.0 secunde.Bugati Veyron ii mai slab da numa in jokSmile)
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