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News In the last days there was a huge amount of new addons, including a lot of vehicles. So it's high time for a new news around the still popular World Racing 2.
PreviewItalic Compact Car
The first car of Today is the Alfa Romeo Brera from RaJo8. This combines a powerful 200 hp from 1.8 liters Engine and a torque of 320 Nm. This addon also has highly detailed wheels, original Polish indicator and realistic lights. And as if this were not enough, there is even a realistic top cockpit. The ones who will not miss this mod, should now push the download button!

Preview"Schumis" last car
We'll continue with the Ferrari 248 F1, the car in which Michael Schumachers Formula 1 last race denied in 2006 . In the rear of the car carries a 2.4 liter V8 engine and provides its service to the 750 horsepower, which more than 7 gears on the rear wheels are transferred. So if you ever once wanted to play Michael Schumacher's last season, you can do it now, and that only with one click on the download button.

PreviewAmerican Power
Let's come to a real racing car from the USA, namely no other car than the Saleen S7-R made by XDriveR. This racing version of the Saleen S7 comes with an 8-cylinder aluminium engine and 7.0 liters of displacement. Furthermore, it has a power of nearly 600 horsepower which even should satisfy fans with high expectations. According to the manufacturer, the car produces theoretically enough downforce to drive upside down at a speed of 220 kp/h, but this has never been tested. But you can now try that in the virtual cockpit, so you shouldn't miss the download of the S7-R.

PreviewHigh-class supercar
Also our next addon is made by XDriveR, it's the Koenigsegg CCGT. In 2.9 seconds from zero to 100 kp/h, a maximum speed of 364 kp/h and a power of 600 hp also the CCGT falls into the category "supercar". Of course the conversion offers all relevant WR2 features such as a realistic handling, a first-class sound and a WR2-typical damage model. For all fans of realism there is also included a cockpit view, so download this car and on to the race track!

Preview Classical sporty car
Let's continue with an addon package, consisting of two Pontiac Fiero GT's, a little bit older vehicle, but still very interesting. Built from 1984-1988, the Fiero is a rather unknown car in Western Europe, but it's still worth a closer look. Already known from Mercedes-Benz World Racing, the conversion has a top speed of 210 kp/h. That doesn't make it to a conspicuous supercar, but on the other hand it's perfectly for relaxed races or to cruise comfortably, net least because of the realistic cockpit view. The package includes a "normal" Fiero GT '87 and the Fiero GT '87 which belonged to Mike Sullivan.

PreviewDouble rework
Also the last addon of today is a package and consists of a racing version and a drift version. There is talk of the Mercedes-Benz E190, also called "Baby Benz" before the publication of the A class. Both versions are based on the original WR2 E190 and were thoroughly reworked. The racing version captivates with a comfortable handling and a sound which makes you think of a touring car. In contrast to that, the drift version shows with 380 hp and spinning wheels at the start what real power is. Nonetheless, also the drift version is still controllable and comfortable to drive.
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