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Supersportscar or better a Convertible?

NewsAgain we can present you new addons which have been released for World Racing 2. You are expected with a big pack of a super sports car as well as convertible feelings.
PreviewExcellent super sports car package
This morning we began with a Nissan 370Z and now we continue with a superlative sports car. There is talk of a Mosler MT900. Not off the rack and not usually, this could be a description of this car. A super sports which has been developed with the objective to build the fastest and most dependable sports car for the road. It has been made ready for the market in 2001, and although it's already 8 years old, the specifications delight still today. Depending on the engine version the car accelerates to 100 kph in 3.1 secondes, it's top speed is 340 kph. Those huge performances are possible because of the extremely low weight.
A complete pack of Mosler MT900 versions has now been converted by XdriveR and released for World Racing 2. Thereby you have the option to choose between the pure street version up to the extra-powerful race version. Of course every version also has a cockpit view with which you can take a seat right behind the steering wheel and feel this brute speed.

PreviewSports car for the street
Let's continue with the Audi S4 made by koce. No super sports car, but on the other hand very popular and common on the streets. With a 4,2 liters V8 engine which achieves 344 HP, it is almost as powerful as the MT900. The sports version of the Audi A4 has been built from 2003 to 2005 and accelerates at 100 kph in 5,9 seconds, that makes it to an attractive sports car. With the convertible version you can feel the virtual wind and enjoy "advantage through technology" in the the cockpit view.
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naja mir gefällt der audi s4 viel leistung & so nur innen ist es nicht so good
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