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Special acquirement and sedan-update

Oct. 05, 2009 at 9:32 AM
NewsThe brand Huong Yuong isn't an existing car manufacturer but there are already some car available, which got a new addition now. Beside this you can also expect an update of a sporty sedan.
PreviewSporty Update
The modder koce, well known for his releases without password protection and explicit permission to be moddable for everybody, has another addon reworked and released recently.
It's already version 3 you get with this updated Audi S6, which looks better, drives better and has again a very detailed dash view. The dash was already part of version two but from now on it comes with a more sporty look, which fits better to the power and ambition of this car.
Anybody who was searching for even more fun with the Audi S6 will be rich with this update!

PreviewVietnamese phantasy-brand
There are already some cars of the brand Huong Yuong available for Burning Wheels. This is not a really existing Vietnamese brand but a phantasy product, which will be enhanced more and more. The base for these cars is mostly a traffic car from a Synetic game, which becomes more details and a new look, that costs a lot of work.
It also happened with the latest release. The fans get and normal compact car, the Thi with 1.2 liter as well as a 1.8 liter version with much more power.
Both cars do not have the best 3D model many fans expect but that doesn't mean they are not as good as other cars. They have a camera setting that works similar to a dash view, well made textures and many differences in detail between both versions and the most important point, both cars have a very good driving physics, which makes a lot of fun driving these addons.
You should not focus on the pure visual appearance but take a look under the hood!
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Super Artikel über "Huong Yuong" - sehr nett gemacht. Als kleiner Nachtrag: "Huong Yuong" war ursprünglich eine Parodie auf die Abwrackprämie - (Leute verschrotten ihre guten Gebrauchten) und fahren mit (meist)billigen Klapperkisten weiter.

Der Name "Huong Yuong Thi" ist vietnamesisch und eigentlich ein Name eines Teeladens in Dresden: Lan Huong Yuong Thi Tee & Geschenkideen 01328 Dresden Twinkle
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audi s6 combi is better and more beauttiful Twinkle
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