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Springfield growth

Oct. 21, 2009 at 10:54 AM
NewsSome days ago we presented you the project Springfield, which has been a community project now. Read in our todays update, what happened over the last days.
NewsMany members of the community started to build models, which helped the project Springfield to grow very quickly. Buildings as well as the landscape itself began to look more familiar. Flo V. the initiator of the whole project was able to model a huge part of the ground already and placed many buildings from his helping hands.

NewsIn the meantime the Sketchup specialist BigBoy also took part of the moddeling job and made the so called MonoRail. This model might make it possible to have later an animated object in the scenario. It would make everything look more realistic and not too lifeless as well as very similar to the comic itself.

NewsSome daysFlo V. was on vacation, what caused a little break. That was a time also the helper didn't work as much as they did before. At the end that does not mean the project was stopped, it goes well and new content is also available.
Meanwhile Danny 007 started to model another industry building and also Flo V. extends the landscape a lot.
Brand new is a new forum member called David26, who immeditaly presented the Lovejoys house, what looks very nice already.

To become a better overview how many community members working on that project we like to give you a list of all participants today.
- Flo V.
- Spieder3
- Jonny
- Maultaschnporsche
- volvo480
- BigBoy
- Danny 007
- David26
- jan
- Jumpa01

Last but not least here are a lot of new impression of the current status of Springfield goes WR2.

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Ey, in der Liste Fehle ich Cheeky
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Das sieht doch mal toll aus. Großes Lob bisjetzt. Hoffe mal, dass die Einzelrennen bei mir auf dieser Map nicht abstürzen, wie es bei einigen Szenarios der Fall ist.
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super klasse echt großes lob auch von mir =)

hoffe nur das das nich i-wann auf eis gelegt wird fänd ich schade =( aber im mom. sind ja alle mit interesse dabei also kanns ja nur gut werden Twinkle
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Voll unfair ich stehe nicht auf der liste Tired Ich hab die meisten häuser gebaut.... Sad

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Shocked WHOAA!!!1

Das sieht doch mal richtig kernig aus. Würd mich mal jucken, womit ihr das macht.
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@Volvex wenn du dir den 1 Teil davon anguckst siehst du was das is und das geht damit recht einfach wenn man übung drinnen hat un ich sags dir: Google Sketch Up

und ans Team die Stadt wird echt geil Big Smile freu mich schon wenn sie draußen is ^^ Thumbs Up
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Shocked WOW sieht saugeil aus ist das mit oder ohne verkehr geplant?

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Mit Smile

Aber der kommt erst nach der Veröffentlichung Thumbs Up


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