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Another Homer and a lot more

Oct. 25, 2009 at 12:00 PM
NewsAfter there has been loud critism about the conversion of Homer's car to WR2, another modder has converted it again. But of course there are some more addons.
PreviewHomers car - new version
After there hase been released a conversion of Homer Simpsons car for World Racing 2 made by Jan, it met with loud criticism from the community. After that jan published an update which was rated better. Although the used 3D model contains some bugs which he couldn't correct, and now another modder had a try at the car. Basti93 has now converted the car again and removed as most bugs as possible. Try out the car and decide between the two conversions by clicking on the download button below.

PreviewAmerican racing car
XDriveR, known for many high-quality WR2 conversions, has also released a new addon. As usual also the latest conversion offers numerous WR2 features which make the player having still more fun with the car.
Beneath the hood there is a V10 engine with 520 horsepower and 732 Nm of torque — serious power for a serious race car.

PreviewYoungtimer from Japan
Meanwhile many a Honda CRX can be labeled as youngtimer. At the beginning of the 90s, the model from which there is a second version as of now (there has been a similar model made by King6 aka Gangsta), has been very popular especially by adolescents. Compact, fast and noticeable, these Japanese sports cars have gladly been tuned and were coveted.
The available addon is also very interesting, because it offers besides a very nice cockpit view also lights which shine on the road and a high-quality 3D model. So this addon is really recommended to all those who like this Japanese car.

PreviewFrench city
Last but not least there is a new scenario, that means actualle it's a modification of an already existing scenario, namely the "Stadt" made by Krom. Ilja Limanow made this addon called "Le Havre" which converts the Stadt into a French city. In doing so, the traffic has been replaced, new road signs have been placed, the largest part of the textures has been replaced, objects have been reworked, there are French flags of the country and much more. Everyone who likes France should really take a closer look at this modification.
Attention! This download overwrites the original files of the Stadt scenario, please back up first!
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Irgendwie ist das beim CRX sinnlos.

Er hat zwar ein Japanisches Kennzeichen ist aber linkslenker.

Entweder.. oder Big Smile
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You made a typo - Last but not least there is a new scenario, that means ------->actualle
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