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Nissan to the fourth

Nov. 28, 2009 at 9:30 PM
News Overall four times the Nissan GT-R has been released in the last days. Read further to find out which versions of the Japanese car are available as of now.
PreviewThe agony of choice
Three times made by TomWin, one time made by koce. This could be a description for the different releases of the Nissan GT-R for World Racing 2. In doing so, both modders had the same basis: the latest game of the Need for Speed series, NFS Shift.

The car made by koce is the Nissan GT-R Spec V. Lovingly converted and as always without any protection of the conversion and making the addon free for everyone. So everybody who doesn't like e.g. the model itself, the sound, the handling, the lights, the modified rims or the detailed cockpit view can lend a hand with the car and customize it.

TomWin has released a package with three different versions of the GT-R. The pack contains the Nissan GT-R Proto, the Nissan GT-R R35 and the Nissan GT-R Spec V, so it caters for all tastes. As usual in a high quality, with a detailed cockpit view and lots of other World Racing 2 features. In contrast to the version of koce, TomWin protects his files to prevent mod-stealing. So everyone can decide by him-/herself which addon he or she wants to have to. Three protected versions or one unprotected version which can be catered for the own needs. Of course also both versions can be downloaded, there won't be overwritten some files.

Download Nissan GT-R Spec V von koce
Download Nissan GT-R Pack von TomWin
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