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Let's go to America

Dec. 08, 2009 at 1:00 PM
NewsAs we did it yesterday for Ferrari Virtual Race, we have an actual addon overview for World Racing 2 of the latest releases independent of our daily advent-calendar.
After the presentation of addons for Ferrari Virtual Race yesterday we give you another overview of the new entries for World Racing 2, today. Those addons are not part of the advent-calendar.
At least these are really high quality addons, which should not be missed by the fans of Synetic games!

PreviewSparse landscape but a lot fun
We start with the latest entry. It is the scenario Red Rock Canyons from the 11 years old Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. But even when the scenario is in the same age than the game, it doesn't mean it is ugly or boring. No, quite the contrary the scenarios from the old Need for Speed games offer much variety and looking even today ok.
So who likes the sparse landscape of this national part in the south west of the United States should move quickly to our download area. There you can expect a good converted scenario with many ours of fun and hot races.

PreviewA rare japanese Roadster
The Honda S2000 is a sporty Roadster and popular for collectors but you can't find it very often in europe because it was sold not often. That makes the car even more popular and let the new addon by RaJo8 stay in a different light than other addons.
Meanwhile the production of the S2000 has end but the impressive performance will still fascinate in many years.
The more enjoyable is the new conversion for World Racing 2, which has been released recently and will please the fans of this roadster.
In fact there are already two versions of the Honda available but this new offers a great dash view and a hardtop that makes it look different.
There isn't much more to tell except test the addon yourself!

PreviewMore stuff for your remote control
Two new packs of remote controlled vehicles are worth to get presented by this news. Since the release of the first RC Monstertruck the modder J.S.Paint started to work even harder and converted two completely different packs of RC cars. Those packs contain street cars, rally cars and new monster trucks.
This means it's the wrong time to put your remote control away because all models make a lot of fun and you should not miss these funny addon packages!
PreviewDownload - Pack 1
Download - Pack 2
Mehr Rennspiel News gibt es im News-Archiv. Dort findest Du alle Neuigkeiten zu Rennspielen.
Weißt Du ein Thema über das wir noch nicht berichtet haben? Schick uns Deinen Hinweis!

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veeeeery good job tomwin, nfs was the best nfs game in my opinion, can you mod the track atlanta please ?^^
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nfs 4 is the best i meant ^^
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Jawoll, wieder ein NFS Track, die besten Track überhaupt, kann garnicht warten meine Runden im Kindiak Park oder in Altantica zu drehn Smile
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erstmal super Arbeit! Es macht richtig Spaß.

Ich würd' mich freuen, wenn es mal eine Piste gibt, wo es einfach nur geradeaus geht, da ich gerne lange Strecken ohne Kurven mag.
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