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Springfield grows again

Jan. 07, 2010 at 10:25 AM
NewsAfter suffer a setback the project Springfield has been started again and the development runs very well.
NewsMany will have seen the most of all existing data of the project Springfield got lost due to a PC-Crash from Flo V.

That was infuriating first, than sad and at the end unimportant. So you might call the happening if you have a look at the current status and the fast growing scenario after getting back on the project.

The recommencement and with it new interest from the fans also brings a lot new buildings by the helpers, which are already very busy to fill the map with content. The result is, everything goes better than in the first try and the work looks already very promising.

All continuous progress could be seen in the official thread of the Springfield project in our forum, too.

Here comes again a list of all participants who help to finish the project and should have been mentioned.

SketchUp 3D-Gallery

koen "jack sparrow" jespers
=> Elementary School

=> nuclear power plant (completely redone by Flo V.)

=> General Hospital
=> Retirement Castle
=> City Hall
=> Krusty Burger
=> Flanders house

=> Kwik-E-Mart

Billy the Kid TM
=> First Church of Sp...

=> Moe's

=> Bus-Stop)

D.....R..(Name uncompleted)
=> still a secret(improved by Flo V.)

=>Barber College

games.reveur.de Members

Jumpa 01
=> Drivers and Vehicles Licencing Authority, KBBL-Radio, Springfield-Auto, 99-66-33cent stores, Apu's Appartment, Big T., Fotune Megastore, Shop (o with a /), Sprawl Mart, Springfield Shopper, Lisas Factory(Little Lisa), Joe's, Motel, She-She-Lounge, Elec-Taurus, The Ok Car-ral, First Bank of Springfield, Kentucky Fried Panders, Ebay, Hemp City

=> Glashouse, Plante Hype(completely redone by Flo V.), brown Hall, Couchworld, Jimbos Spukhaus, bail bonds, circus of values

=> the jazz hole, cletus house

=> little black box

David 26
=> lovejoy's house, southern cracker, Springfield Roller Disco, van houten house(millhouse), Lamp

=> BooksBooksBooks..., Bart's Factory(W.I.P.)

=> Post Office, lighthouse, Candy Shop, Alkalai-Flats, Lap(land)-Dancing, Hard Luck Cafè, Springfield Bridge, Lamp

=> DUFF Brewery

Han Solo
=> Lamp

=> house with ramp, Speedway, Airport

Flo V.
=> the complete map :D, Monstromart, Springfield Mall, Burn's Casino(damaged), nuclear power plant (as mentioned above completely redone by Flo V.), Monorail-Train and Station, Krusty-Studios, SPRINGFIELD-Lettering,...

...reworking all above mentioned buildings (correcting colors, deleting unnecessary parts (polygon-saving), general improvements)
Mehr Rennspiel News gibt es im News-Archiv. Dort findest Du alle Neuigkeiten zu Rennspielen.
Weißt Du ein Thema über das wir noch nicht berichtet haben? Schick uns Deinen Hinweis!

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cool Shocked
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das re c erne und ich freu mich schon darauf wenn ich dann darauf fahren kann

macht weiter so
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juhu, steh zum zweiten mal in den news!^^ Smile Cool
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Schöne Arbeit! Weiter so Thumbs Up
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hi ich erstelle selber mit denn programm sketchup
ich erstelle auto karossen aber ich weis net wie man die anderen dateien erstell zb wie editcar

kann mir jemand helfen

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@tobias: Look doch mal ins Forum, ich wusste vor einem Monat auch noch nicht wie das geht!
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M POWER ich habe schonn öfters gesucht im forum aber ich finde auch nichts dadrinne Innocent
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sieht gut aus. Shocked weiter so Thumbs Up
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please anyone make subaru forester or help me and I will do it. subaru is in gta sanandreas on gtainside.com my skype is "lekosa93" .... or mail me lekosa93@mail.ru Smile
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cool sid echt great aus freu mich drauf Shocked Twinkle Thumbs Up
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Freue mich schon echt drauf wenns fertig is Thumbs Up besonders hat man jetzt eine Scenerie wo Homers Wagen voll und ganz reinpasst

Und viel erfolg!! Twinkle
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Wan ist Springfield fertig? Smile
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