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Trackmania goes WR2

Feb. 07, 2010 at 1:30 PM
News J.S.Paint has published two releases with conversions of several Trackmania to World Racing 2. Read the whole news to get all information.
PreviewAt least since the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) in 2006 every fan of racing games might know Trackmania. This game series of the French developer Nadeo has become famous especially due to the two free games "Trackmania Nations" which has been programmed specially for the ESWC, and its follower "Trackmania Nations Forever". Both games are available for download for free and focus primarily on the online mode. Every player of Nations Forever can compete against over 3 million other drivers in the whole world and put his ability to the test.

The "Stadium Car", well-known because of this game, has now found it's way to World Racing 2 together with its two more unknown colleagues "Coast Car" and "Island Car". Based on an unpublished conversion made by Peppow, J.S.Paint has now released two packages with all three vehicles.
In doing so, it is mentionable that the Stadium Car has included all 70 vinyls from the original game, so every nation can get its individual look. Also the other two cars have some enclosed vinyls.

All three vehicles offer a well-made conversion of the 3D model, a perfectly fitting motor sound which and a handling which gets close to the original. Thereby every fan of Trackmania can now drive with his favorite car also along the race tracks in World Racing 2.

Download Stadium Car
Download Coast Car & Island Car
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In Trackmania wollen sie diese Wagen unbedingt loswerden und durch andere Modelle ersetzen, und hier will man sie unbedingt im Spiel haben... das finde ich ziemlich lustig^^
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