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With 2630 horsepower on the street

NewsThe number of new releases of addons for World Racing 2 during the last days is not able to count on one hand. In this news you can read what further releases from the fans of the Synetic games you can expect.
The Sportscars which we want to present you here have an aggregated power of 2630 HP. A really impressive number if you notice that there only 6 cars, which have this power.

PreviewThe most power has the newest Addon a Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series. This car were converted by stopp!ng, who made it compatible with World Racing 2. The original Model were made by Adam Radzikowski and was released for the Game Racer.
Already the normal SL 65 is a true muscleman Car with 612HP, but in the Black you have unbelievable 670HP and a torque of 1000NM.
The model for Wolrd Racing has besides the variant with hidden spoiler also a Model with a seeable spoiler. You can find both versions in the Addon of stopp!ng.

PreviewThe next HP Monster is the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 as a Roadster like the SL 65 AMG Black Series. By that it is the second open car, but it is the only one who has a really open roof in World Racing 2.
This car is converted by Koce what means that it is without any Passwort.
But not only that, the Quality of the releases from Koce were be better and better with every new Addon, and you can see it with this car, too.
Like the SL 65 AMG Black Series Edition you have here a car which has a lot of power and which want to be controlled by you.

PreviewWe move from the real expensive and fast cars, but we remain powerful and particularly. The BMW M3 GTS is not a new Addon, but still better than the available Version. It is a 2.0 version what means that the existing car was improved and brings now a lot more of fun, looks better and is a higher value Addon.
As the first publication, the secons version comes from the Modder /// M Power.
Equipped with carbon Parts, a huge V8 and 450HP the BMW is also a very powerful car, which is really suitable for a Race Track, but on country raods it also bring a lot of fun.

PreviewAfter we have presented three Addons from Europe, there will follow 2 Cars from America.
The first is Ford Mustang GT. Although there are a Ford Mustang GT together with other Versions and also Shelby Mustangs are available as Addons for World Racing 2, but this new release has also a good Quality and is wonderful complement to the existing collection of Ford Addons.
The conversion was made by Bene2210.

PreviewThe second mentioned American car is not a normal civil car, but a transformed Version to a police car from a conversion, which is still available to download.
Also converted from Bene2210 for World Racing 2, the new Dodge Challenger R/T is now available as a police Version. That means that you have Signal Lights, a bull bar, searchlights and a matching driver.
The Challenger R/T has a 370PS strong V8, so the gangster can not escape as fast as they think.

PreviewA brand new Addon but not with so much power is available for Alarm for Cobra 11 - Crash Time 3. Based on the official car from Ben, Basti93 together with Fista have changed the car so much that is is now a Mercedes Benz, which have the typical Brand Symbols.
A lot of fans of the Cobra 11 Games are disappointed, if there are not the real cars in the Game. This is caused by the manufacturers which do not want to see how their cars will be crashed in the Game. Remedy cones from the Modder, as Basti93 has proved it.
So you get a high quality AddOn which advanced the carpool by a real existing car from Ben.

PreviewAfter the many cars we want to prensent you now three new Rims
The beginning makes a original Rim by Ford which is available for the Ford Focus ST and has the name M710. mk2 has Modeled and converted to World Racing 2, who is known for good and quality Addon.

PreviewA new background for the game menus of World Racing 2 is expecting you with the Audi TT RS from the Modder Audi4Ever. Here you get some different photos of the brand new and most powerfull Audi TT. Among these images you find views at the dashboard as well as some single shots and also photos with a counterpart in different color.
Everyone who likes the brand Audi very much should have a look at this background mod to become another touch of World Racing 2 and be able to enjoy the cars even more.

PreviewAfter all these modern sports cars and muscle cars here comes a real classics and youngtimer, the Quattro from Audi converted by Enzo45s.
The model, which was converted by Enzo45s, is not very detailled but this doesn't matter too much because the Audi 80 Quattro is a very popular and beloved car many fans were waiting for and here comes the version for World Racing 2.
The original model was made by Sin5k4 and is already some years old, what is the reason for the low detailed mesh.
However this is nothing that should stop you downloading this car. Go ahead, start your engine and have some fun with this Audi from the 80s.

PreviewAt the end we like to present you two new rims from the manufacturer Kahn Design, created by Stew2000. With an extraordinary Design and different Surfaces you can style your cars much more individual. The two Rims are the Model "Mist" and the type "RS".
Mehr Rennspiel News gibt es im News-Archiv. Dort findest Du alle Neuigkeiten zu Rennspielen.
Weißt Du ein Thema über das wir noch nicht berichtet haben? Schick uns Deinen Hinweis!

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