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WR2 conversion contest - results

Feb. 14, 2010 at 10:45 PM
News Under the direction of Kodiak the first WR2 conversion contest took place in our board. Here are the results.
Preview With overall six participants the first WR2 conversion contest originated by Kodiak drew to an end. The rules of this contest are really easy: Within a specified time limit, every participant converts a freely chosen vehicle out of another game or based on a free 3D model to World Racing 2. In doing so, the following six cars found their way into the Synetic game:

PreviewTriumph-Ator released his Renault R4 as one of the first participants. This French car has been sold more than 8 million times and has the state of a cult object until today.

The VW Race Tuaret, konverted by J.S.Paint, already exists as a standard car in World Racing 2, but not in such a high quality as we get it from the paint-master himself. A detailed model and high-quality textures are its trademark, but will it be enough to win the contest?

PreviewAdamraga participates with his Nissan 350Z Nismo, which originally comes from Test Drive Unlimited but has been completely refurbished. Vehicle textures in a really high quality, a detailed interior and a cockpit designed lovingly are only the tip of the iceberg.

Let's continue with the BMW M1 Procar made by audi4ever93. This racecar has become famous especially by the same-named racing series and also cuts a fine figure in World Racing 2. A special feature are also the falling-off-parts, that means several parts of the car which first rattle and then fall off when crashing the car.

PreviewThe second-las model of the contest comes from Ast and is an Artega GT, based on a free 3D model. Converted lovingly and equipped with a self-modelled cockpit this sports car could already get some votes.

Last but not least D.J.Tuning has converted a Mercedes 600 SEC (C140) to World Racing 2, as well based on a free 3D model. This vehicle offers a respectable conversion and many details, so it has definitively a chance to win.

PreviewThe poll of the contest runs until today evening 23:59, so vote for your favorite car in the appropriate thread in our board.
In the following there are listed again all converted cars and the buttons were you can download them.

Vehicle Nameconverted byDownload
Renault R4Triumph-atorDownload
VW Race TouaregJ.S.PaintDownload
Nissan 350Z NismoadamragaDownload
BMW M1 Procaraudi4ever93Download
Artega GTAstDownload
Mercedes-Benz 600 SECD.J. TuningDownload
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glatt vergessen abzustimmen...
Naja.Habs ja nachgeholt^^
Für mich hat AST mit dem Artega gewonnen.
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I like this site to me like a week ago but now I can not download anything and I do not like ... tell me how to download cars... Innocent
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There has nothing changed with the downloads. Click on the image below the thumbnail and download the file.
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I do not think you understand everything I write because I am Italian I do not know English very good... in any case I understand you Thumbs Up .....thanks that you answered to me ...... but I want to see the entire list of cars ...For example ... if I want to see the whole list (Volkswagen) or other cars...how can I do? Innocent
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This does not have anything to do with this news but anyway, click on "Show Filter" and select the brand you like to see only cars from one manufacturer.
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