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Addons from expensive to colorful

Feb. 23, 2010 at 1:37 PM
NewsAfter thepresentation of the huge number of new releases last weekend you can think, there will be a more quiet time now. But you are wrong. Again there are many new releases you should not miss!
PreviewThe news title starts with expensice addons what means we do it also in our presentation. The most expensive addon is the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. A model, created by SerPorsche and converted to World Racing 2 from koce.
In opposite to all other addons from koce, this one is protected with a password, because the original model is from a private modder and koce want to protect it from modding theft.
Unbelievable 550 HP out of a 4.8 liter V8 let this 2.3 tons heavyweight break the 100 kilometer per hour in just 4.7 seconds and limits the speed-hunt not until 270 km/h.
World Racing 2 player only smile about the price of this SUV and just click on the download button to get it, but in real life you have to pay at least 117.000 Euro to be able to enjoy this luxury sports utility vehicle.

PreviewThe second addon or better addon-pack, is an again heavily improved version of the already well known Motorsport Series. With immediate effect version 1.2 is available in our database, which has been improved a lot by adamraga, who mentioned this will be the absolute final version for World Racing 2.
High resolution textures, each car with a well done dash-view, perfect handling and a lot fun driving the cars are the keywords we can use to explain this great addon pack.
If you have missed the former versions of this pack you should not miss this brand new download. But even when you had already a lot fun this the existing Motorsport Series, this new version is worth a download and will increase the fun with exciting races in any car of this pack.

PreviewWith our third new entry we stay on sporty roads but not that brutal as with the first addons. The most powerful version of the Peugeot 206, the GTi, is a wonderful surprise from the modder adk662 for all fans of little city cars and as well for everyone who likes to be fast all the time.
The Peugeot 206 GTi has only a weight of 1100 kilogram and is a really handy and fast compact car.
Speeds over 200 km/h are no problem and also reaching the 100 km/h in less than 9 seconds is possible
Well, you like to go quick trough the city? The Peugeot 206 GTi is the perfect choice!

PreviewLet's move to one of the Autobahn-Police games. This last addon was made by Fista and is based on the original models from Synetic.
In detail this means you get with the so called "Flames Edition" a pack of different cars for Crash Time II, which present the phrase "colorful" of the news header.
Maybe someone could thing that could have been a vinyl release only, but when you look at the further changes Fista did, you will see new driving physics and new rim sizes. So there are not only new vinyls available but also new handling and look beside the paint.
We also like to mention the pack contains stand alone addons, they will not overwrite the existing cars in Crash Time II.
Look forward to get new addons for Crash Time II with new design and handling.
Mehr Rennspiel News gibt es im News-Archiv. Dort findest Du alle Neuigkeiten zu Rennspielen.
Weißt Du ein Thema über das wir noch nicht berichtet haben? Schick uns Deinen Hinweis!

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