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Noble sports-car available for free

Mar. 06, 2010 at 12:50 PM
NewsThere was nothing new for World Racing 2 or other Synetic racing games since some days but yesterday evening we had a new release, which will please all sports-car fans.
Beside the Bugatti Veyron there is also a brand new rim available, you can mount on every exiting car in World Racing 2.
It is already some days ago we could present you a new addon but the waiting is over now, because there is something great available since yesterday evening.
PreviewFrom Koce, the modder from Bulgaria, who doesn't use any password-protection on most of his conversions, is a brand new release available, one of the most expensive sports-cars on the world.
He converted the Bugatti Veyron, a car that is extraordinary in it's performance, power and price.
Impressive 1001 horse-powers and a torque of 1250 newtonmeter may suggest, which pure power could be raised by this car. Combined with noble materials outside and in the interior make this car extraordinary and result in a price of more than one million euro.
Even when there are already two versions available for World Racing 2, this new release has a perfect cockpit-view and comes with two different settings, one with spoiler up and the other with spoiler down.

PreviewAlso from Koce and for World Racing 2 converted is an Audi RS6 rim. That means it is an addon-rim you can find in the options-catalog from the most powerful Audi A6.
But here you get a rim, which was made originally by Rogue Automotive, not only for an Audi but also available for all other cars you can drive in World Racing 2. Just mount them on the car and enjoy the look.
The RS6 rim is available in two versions, one is silver and the other dark. That offers you the choice for the right paint of the car.
Mehr Rennspiel News gibt es im News-Archiv. Dort findest Du alle Neuigkeiten zu Rennspielen.
Weißt Du ein Thema über das wir noch nicht berichtet haben? Schick uns Deinen Hinweis!

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