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New addons for World Racing 2

Mar. 16, 2010 at 10:35 AM
NewsOver the weekend we informed you about the flood of new conversions for Crash Time III.
But not only the latest part of the Alarm for Cobra 11 series offers new addons, also World Racing 2 got some very interesting new entries you should have a look at.
We gave you a line-up of the latest new-entries for Crash Time III on Sunday. All these releases were converted by the modder Sn1p3r. But at the same time there were also releases for World Racing 2, which are also worth to get their own presentation. That's what we do now, give you a short overview of the latest addons for WR2.

PreviewHigh Quality Italian
The first addon for World Racing 2 is a cooperation between the modder Jeroen and volvo480.
In opposit to many cars for World Racing 2 this one is not tuned and not a pure racing machine, it is an ordinary daily driver.
However ordinary does not mean it is a less good conversion. No, definately not. The Fiat Grande Punto is a very high quality addon. Many details are very nice, high resolution textures were used and a good physics result all in all in an addon that should not be hidden from other quality cars.
No matter if you name the open panorama roof, stickers on the rear window, a detailled modelled grill with a nice Fiat logo or the nice color selection for the interior, the Fiat Grande Punto offers everything you would expect for a high quality addon.

PreviewPoweful Beetle
The Fiat Grande Punto is a daily driver, but addon number two is a massively modified Oldtimer, what means it's the complete opposite.
You get a tuned VW Beetle from J.S.Paint, wich doesn't have too many similarity with the original. It begins with the engine and ends at the look, everything on this Beetle as been modified.
Powered by a Porsche engine, the Beetle can cause a great stir and race against cars, which would never expect the Beetle could have these power.
If you think the look is not all you also get a very cool sound that will raise the adrenalin every time you push the throttle.
Also for this car we can only recommend a download!
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