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1000 addon-cars for World Racing 2! (Update)

NewsSince more than four and a half years the community around the racing game World Racing 2 is very active with new addons, tools and increasing the pleasure playing WR2.
After all this time we uploaded the thousandth vehicle-addon into our database. But that is not all, numerous other new entries are available.
PreviewGreat Licence plates selection
We like to start our overview of the latest addons with a very special modification.
Individualisation is something, which is very popular at the fans of the World Racing series. For example it is possible to change the licence plates of a car into a way to make it look as you like it and maybe as your real licence plate looks.
But what if the plate where the text is placed on doesn't fit to what you want to have? In this case you can download the new license plates pack made by Ninja158. If offers you various plates and so everyone can design his license plate as he wants to have it.

PreviewLatest WRX generation
The first release of the modder pmx6s is a high-performance racing car - a Subaru Impreza WRX of the latest production series in rally version.
Subaru is known for good cars and also a big boy in rally sports. Since various vehicle generations there is the so-called WRX, a rally version of the normal Subaru Impreza, which is now available as addon for World Racing 2.
Now, go, get a good co-pilot and start racing on the paths apart from the normal streets.

PreviewMonster A3
Also the second addon made by mpx6s is a racing version, but this time it's an Audi. This compact car is called "Audi S3 Monster Tuned", and that explains everything you can expect.
A S3 which isn't feeble by nature, has got still more power and furthermore wears an outfit that fits to such a powerhouse.
So, those who don't think they have enough power with a normal S3 should take a closer look to that conversion and also take care of the enclosed vinyls.

PreviewGolf - Powerful game, not only on the grass
You might know it from other cars already, there are multiple versions available for download. What does that mean? It only means everyone can download the addon, which is his most liked version. And it also means a bigger selection is just good for everyone to select what you like and not only what is available once.
To cut a long story short, we talk about the VW Golf MK2 GTI 16v. It's a long name and also long ago this car was available as a new one at the dealers. That makes the Golf even more interesting because the Golf 2 is a classic, which is still very popular. Not only VW fans, also Youngtimer friends like this Golf.
This released addon, converted by volvo480 and Jeroen is not a common Golf 2 but the GTI with the 16V engine.
It means in detail the car had in 1986 already 129 HP, which was anything else than slow.
Equipped with Pirelli rims, what is originally a package for the Golf 1 GTI but also looks very good at the Golf 2 and presents a very individual look, a dash view and a very good handling make this addon to a must have!

PreviewWell-known Australian racing circuit
We don't have only new cars for you, there's also a new scenario. A racing circuit that is world-famous and prominent, the street racing track of Adelaide in Australia. This track was converted by the modder ammonds and make many racing drivers' hearts leap for joy.
You are expected by high-quality textures, a good modeled course and a great execution - another famous racing circuit where you can use the racing cars of World Racing 2.

PreviewPolish 5-door sedan from the end of the 80's
Also an addon of a very special kind is expecting you. As with other releases too, it is no supersportscar and even not a very well known and popular vehicle. This new release is a FSO Polonez. It is a car made from the Polish car brand FSO, which is located near Warsaw.
The Polonez was presented in 1987 for the public and is a 5-door fastback-sedan based on a much older car, the 1500.
Who likes to drive special cars in World Racing 2 should definately have a look at the conversion made by Bence00111, Davidson231 and Enzo45s, based on the original model from Mariusz Ruksztello (Marfoj).
Not only the view from outside, also the interior was made well done and you can even use a nice dash-view to feel more in the game while driving around.

PreviewVehicle addon no. 1000 - experience Italy
Last but not least we want to present you the 1000th vehicle addon for World Racing 2.
This addon was made by the modder Enzo45s and is the conversion of a Fiat Uno 45 S. The original model comes from MPD and was converted and brought to World Racing 2 by Enzo. You are expected by many details, good textures, a very good cockpit view and many more when downloading this small Italian car and taking a ride e.g. in Italy.
So don't miss this jubilee addon and proceed to our download area!

Update (14.04.2010, 2:01 pm)
After some explanation to all these numerous addons one is missing. The conversion of an untuned Mazda RX-8.
This conversion was made by the modder volvo480, who also mentioned the missing article in our news.
PreviewThe RX-8 comes with a high detailled dash-view and everything else what's necessary for a street version. No oversized rims, no spoiler and no unrealistic engine-tuning.
Who likes such untuned car should definately look at this Mazda.
Maybe the sound is a little bit to get used to it because it should sound like a rotary engine but it doesn't really, but that doesn't matter because the addon is worth to be downloaded!
Mehr Rennspiel News gibt es im News-Archiv. Dort findest Du alle Neuigkeiten zu Rennspielen.
Weißt Du ein Thema über das wir noch nicht berichtet haben? Schick uns Deinen Hinweis!

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Cool 1000 Addons... Shocked
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Gut geschrieben Thumbs Up
Wow 1000 addon-Fahrzeuge sind schon ziemlich viel Smile
Nur hab ihr meinen RX8 vergessen More than Cheeky

MFG volvo480
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Dass der RX8 vergessen wurde, tut mir leid, war definitiv keine Absicht. Wenn ich die Zeit habe, werde ich einen Absatz dazu ergänzen.
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Gut ist auch nicht weiter schlimm, wollte nur darauf hinweisen.
Schön das es noch hinzugefügt wird Smile

MFG volvo480

Edit: Danke für den Absatz über den RX8 Thumbs Up
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Edited by volvo480 (14.04.2010 um 14:20 Uhr)
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1000 addons und noch kein ende in sicht.. Shocked
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Echt coole Sache, dass wir schon so viele haben hääte ich nicht gedacht...

Quote: Master94

1000 addons und noch kein ende in sicht

Aber natürlich ist kein Ende in Sicht Big Smile

Smile Julian
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Wow!1000 Addonautos für World Racing 2! Thumbs Up
Und es werden immer mehr. Big Smile
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2000 addOns SmileSmile
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1000 Addons stimmt ja auch nicht genau wenn man sagt 1000 AddOns. Denn wenn man die Autos von Synetic dazuzählt, die Felgen von Synetic und von den Fans, die Szenarios, und und und... Dann kommt man ja schon auf 1639 AddOns!!!
IHR SEIT DIE BESTEN!!! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
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