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Go-Kart friends watch out...

Apr. 26, 2010 at 9:15 AM
News...for World Racing 2 there is a very special release available, which was never there before.
Who likes to ride with Go-Karts on Outdoor-Tracks should have a closer look at the new release from adamraga.
PreviewNormally an addon contains different versions of a car, different cars for a racing season or different types of a race-track, which offers more than one variation.
The combination of cars and track was not yet available. Well, the modder adamraga surpised us with his latest release, that focus most on Go-Kart fans.

Not only the number of Karts, all in all 20 different vehicles, but also the fact there is a special Go-Kart track included in his new pack for World Racing 2, makes it very special.
An Outdoor-Track with the length of 1809 meter is waiting for you to get handled.
Well done converted and perfectly fitting to habe hot races with a maximum of 5 opponents, the track is exactly what makes this Karting pack perfect.
The vehicle-selection contains, as already mentioned above, 20 different Go-Karts with 125 ccm, the power of 28 HP and a torque of 21 Nm. Those small sporty cars are able to reach a top speed of about 160 km/h, what's definately a speed that let you work hard on the steering wheel.
Changing positions between the opponents are very usual as same as drifts, which requires all your skills.
At the end you get a lot of fun out of an only 13 MB archive.

To be able to race on all available World Racing 2 tracks without any flaws we recommend to download the latest update for the editcar. This update made by Pischti, changes the suspension to make the Karts still feel like a Go-Kart but doesn't jump all around the track.

All in all the Karting Pack from adamraga and the update from Pischti spend a lot pleasure with a completely different racing experience. Don't wait to long and start the download.
Download Karting by adamraga
Download Editcar Update by Pischti
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