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British luxury or rather enjoy drifting?

NewsAgain and again there are new addons which find their way into our database and now there are once more two great and high-quality addons.
What we want to present you today is on the one hand British luxury and on the other hand a lot of drifting fun.
PreviewBe on the way sporty and luxurious
The automotive industry again and again discovers new market niches which have to be filled with new developments. Some things already were there 20 ore more years ago, other things are really new.
The 4-door coupé is a vehicle which is classified as a new development but there were already similar models a long time ago. Doesn't matter if it's a Porsche Panamera or a Aston Martin Rapide - both cars are really luxurious but nevertheless contain sports cars within themselves. The smooth line of a coupé coupled with the four doors of a limousine, both are cars for better-moneyed customers.
All those not having enough money to buy such a car still can drive with in in World Racing 2 as of now. The Aston Martin Rapide was converted by koce and you really can feel the 600 newton meters when doing over 300 kilometers per hour.

PreviewThe somewhat other karting-fun
Whoever doesn't like expensive cars like the Aston or just looks for something challenging should have a look at the newest release by Pischti.
Basing on the Go-Karts converted by adamraga Pischti created two miniature cars which on the one hand look funny and on the other hand make a lot of fun while driving.
Stepped in and accelerated once, one directly feels the cart and will drive a lap and another and so on. With a topspeed of 177 km/h in the draft of the A.I.-Enemies a lot of concentration is needed as for a little bit of too much steering will put you off the road. - The same procedure as you'd expect it from a real cart.
Mehr Rennspiel News gibt es im News-Archiv. Dort findest Du alle Neuigkeiten zu Rennspielen.
Weißt Du ein Thema über das wir noch nicht berichtet haben? Schick uns Deinen Hinweis!

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Big Smile Pedal cars YEAH
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how to download camera drive to car ????i like drive to car.please send mi link and how to put camera??
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