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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Hot E3 Launch Trailer

Jun. 15, 2010 at 9:20 AM
NewsIt's official now, the new Need for Speed developed by Criterion Games has the name Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.
Together with this announcement there is a brand new and spectacular trailer from the E3 availablem, presented by Electronic Arts.
Additionally you can have a look at the action on three first images!
n/a It is just a render trailer but that doesn't matter because it shows what you will see in the game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on 16.11.2010.
There is all about hot sports cars, police chases and a lot of action.

When you watch the trailer you will imagine automatically the old Need for Speed games. That means everything before the time when tuning become the major part in the games of the Need for Speed series.
Police drives super sports cars like Lamborghini or Bugatti and the hunted do the same.

Take the wheel of a hunter or become the hunted. On November 16 the game will be available and the need for speed will start again.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit E3 2010 Launch Trailer

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit E3 2010 Launch Trailer
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Awesome Shocked
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Ladies and Gentleman! Neeeeeed for Speed is back!
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Das wird gluab ich lecker.
Ich hoffe OpenWorld uns schön dick Grafik=)
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