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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Crashing inspired by Shooters

Jun. 22, 2010 at 9:30 AM
NewsIn Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit it's all about car chases, expensive cars, idyllic tracks and crashes.
Where the inspirations for the look and feel of the crashes came from, the marketing head Keith Munro explains.
n/a The english site VG247 writes, the head of marketing at Electronic Arts, Keith Munro, told in an interview with the english magazine Edge where the inspirations for crashing in Hot Pursuit came from.

He explains that the crashing is inspired by shooters like Call of Duty. "They really inspired the in-cockpit action you saw in Shift, to make people feel what the real driving experience is like", he said.

"We talked about it being first-person driving instead of first-person shooting – the impact you feel in a race car is not dissimilar to taking a bullet in Battlefield. That inspired the in-cockpit action; it’s violent and aggressive."

But that is not all. The online experience has been influenced by shooters and the social community features are also a very important improvement and have an intense focus in Hot Pursuit.

With Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Criterion Games puts the Need for Speed franchise back to the roots. The main interest is again to have intense chases between cops and racer. Also there is a very special focus on all-new online features and game modes like Need for Speed Autolog. There players compare racing stats and automatically get personalised gameplay recommendations from their friends. This new mode will connect online racing even more.
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