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NfS: Hot Pursuit - Multiplayer features and the weapons for police and racer

Jun. 24, 2010 at 12:05 PM
NewsDer Mehrspielermodus wird in Spielen zunehmend wichtiger. Auch Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit legt großen Wert auf einen interessanten Multiplayer und wird ansprechende Funktionen bieten.
Welche Funktionen das im Detail sein werden und welche Waffen der Polizei und den Rasern zur Verfügung stehen, wurde in einem Interview mit den Entwicklern deutlich.
n/a In an interview with the Need for Speed developers James Deverill and Doug McConkey from Criterion Games at Playstation.Blog some more details about the multiplayer features and ways to stop the racer or escape from the police in Hot Pursuit got known. Additionally it becomes clear that already because of the interests of the developer the game will move back to the roots.

"I remember playing Need for Speed even before working in the games industry," said James Deverill from Criterion Games. "Three things stood out for me then: it had the coolest cars on the planet, it had amazing highways to drive them on and there were cops pursuing you. It's these three active ingredients, in particular, that we want to bring back with our game."

At the E3 visitors were able to enjoy the so called Pursuit Modes. This is all about stop and smash the sports car of a racer being a police man or escape from the police when you are a racer. To reach the goals both parties have their own special weapons. For example the police can make a radio call to order a road blockade. In opposite to this the racer can disturb the radar from the police and even place a decoy to confuse the cops.

Both, the police and the racer will have their own career mode and beside the single player the multiplayer comes with a huge number of different game modes. Deverill explains: "Online multiplayer supports eight players, and one of the coolest things we’ve included, for me, is the way that you can have any combination of players; you can even have seven cops against one racer if you like and this adds a lot of variety."

n/a "We're very excited about the way that Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit brings players together," said James Deverill. "Digital communication is at the heart of how people behave these days so, given that, we've included a social network in the game to connect, compare and compete. We call this the Need for Speed Autolog."

To offer all gamers the same level of fun they add a feature to race against friends mostly. "It can be a bit depressing to see a leaderboard and discover you’re ranked 10 millionth in the world, or something like that," added McConkey "so we're looking to drive rivalry between friends foremost."

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit will put the focus mainly in community and competitions between real gamers but keeps fair play as a very important point
It's also interesting there will be no cockpit view. The available camera positions are at the bumper, the hood and an outside cam. To become a better overview where your opponent is an arrow below the mirror always shows its position.
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schade eigentlich das es keine cockpitansicht mehr gibt..die cockpits aus shift waren echt geil..hätte mich schon über eine cpit view gefreut..aber nun gut..der rest hört sich ziemlich interessant an..mal schaun wies wird ^^

lg Rico501
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